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Trophy Cupcakes in Seattle
[image via Blondie and Brownie]

If this doesn't look delicious, I don't know what does. Trophy Cupcakes in Seattle has such wonderful cupcake flavors as Snickerdoodle (who doesn't love to say "Snickerdoodle"?) and Chocolate Graham Cracker. I wonder if they deliver...

Or if you are in the New York area like I am, you may want to check out the latest addition to the downtown cupcake scene: Butter Lane, which just opened on 7th Street in the East Village. Here you can sample the difference between French buttercream and American buttercream. I am game.

Where am I getting all this fabulous bi-coastal cupcake information you ask?

From Blondie and Brownie, a blog I just discovered via Midtown Lunch and the previous post. All I have to say is YUM. It must be time for three o'clock sugar or something...

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