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French macarons have nothing to do with coconut. Read on.

If you work in the Garment District in NYC, chances are you have heard about Macaron, and particularly about their lightly sweet and delicate macarons made with almond paste (not coconut) that crumble when you take a bite. Yum! Macaron is a very French little lunch place that opened last summer to rave reviews among those in-the-know. The place is tucked unassumingly into a narrow walk-in space on 36th Street between 7th Avenue and Broadway. If you have lunched in the Garment District with any frequency, you know that Macaron is quite unique. Homemade food. Not a chain or chain-let. Served by the owners themselves. And they smile at you! It's the little things that make life sweet. N'est pas?

Well anyway, we recommend treating yourself to a macaron or two. They have so many exotic flavors (like poppy, lavender, jasmine tea, white chocolate, praline...), many of which rotate daily, that you will continually be satisfied. And by all means, don't miss the iced tea. Two macarons and an iced tea will set you back about $7. But hey, it's worth it every once in a while.

The lunch crowd at Macaron. A line out the door as usual.

There's always a crowd.

These macarons can be yours for a mere $1.95 each.
Tempting. Very tempting.

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