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crumbs intervention required?

A Dollhouse showroom birthday, catered by Crumbs Bake Shop

The Birthday Biggie at right, still left! Many slivvers later, it was gone.

Dear Reader,

Where do you live? Do you happen to live in a town with a cute lil' cupcake bakery? Or do you live in NYC where there is a cupcake bakery on every corner? And on every other corner, a Crumbs cupcake shop.

In fact, we at Dollhouse NYC are the proud new neighbors of a brand new Crumbs. It's just half-a-block away and less than a month old. It is way too close to burn any calories getting there and back, which we at Dollhouse believe to be most dangerous.

We celebrate a lot of birthdays here at the showroom with Crumbs. Generally, how it works is the birthday girl gets a biggie cupcake (where she always says, "THAT big one is for me? No I just couldn't..." and then proceeds to eat it all, plus another mini) while the rest of us get a mini. Do you know the 12-pack?* It's the best.

So there I was this afternoon getting a café au lait (with skim milk) and no cupcake. I know, no cupcake! I couldn't believe it either. But 'tis the season to make healthy resolutions right? Oops, I said 'tis the season again. Sorry, I must resolve to stop that. But anyway, there I was this afternoon getting a café au lait when I spotted them. Crumbs bandanas. For sale? Twelve bucks. And then I looked over at the girl behind the counter, and sure enough, she was sporting one too. I really wanted to buy one, and wear it back to Dollhouse, for people to gradually realize that I was wearing Crumbs attire. They would whisper to each other, "Did you see Elaine today? Did you see what she was wearing? I think she has A Cupcake Problem. I think we should get her some help, don't you? Maybe we should schedule a cupcake intervention...."

I will have to snap a picture of the new Crumbs bandanas for you tomorrow. I guess they are too new to post on their site. Stay tuned. Do you dare me to wear one? I totally will and record the reactions. Now that would be funny.

*If you know the 12-pack, what is your favorite? Mine is the mini-m-n-m one. Yum. Our graphic designer was always the first one to dive for that one. It's certainly a tasty one. Our tops designer loves the red velvet. Everyone else (jeans designers included) claim to not have favorites, but I know they do. They're just playing it cool.

Update, 1.7.2010
Here it is, the Crumbs Bandana. And as far as I know, the only picture on the Internet so far...

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