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garmento: insider denim trading

Everyone loves a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the "seamy" side of fashion, right? I mean, just what is the fashion industry really like? It can't be all fabulousness all the time... Or can it.

What about the the larger-than-life personalities, the backstabbing, the secret deals? We came across a campy and sardonic indie film that is all about a denim company. Sure it's half made-up, but it's pretty funny and we think you'll like it. The film is called Garmento by Michele Maher, herself an industry veteran whose resume includes Jordache and Calvin Klein, among other notables. Garmento portrays a jeans designer, "Poncho Ramirez," who was huge in the 70s ("... you were nothing if you didn't have a pair of Ponchos") and who attempts to reclaim his fame by making a (very amusing) product with some bold impact. Watch the trailer to find out what it is.

Michele Maher has enjoyed many accolades for her film at festivals and is currently looking for wider distribution, or perhaps a cable miniseries. Stay tuned. We'll update as soon as there is good news for Michele!!

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