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Yesterday, we Tweeted about a curious new (bizarre) form of Shakespeare.



We learned from a FB friend that "Romeo and Juliet [...] is happening live and in real time - in modern Britain and on Twitter." It's a project and a Website called Such Tweet Sorrow where Romeo and Juliet is "performed" by six characters -- members of the Royal Shakespeare Company -- over a five-week period. That's kinda super-cool when you think about it. I mean Romeo and Juliet is love story about a couple of 16 year-olds right? And who better to Tweet than 16 year-olds? I love love love this idea, and am eager to follow the whole cast on Twitter and watch this play play out. And I can't wait to Re-Tweet Juliet's line from yesterday,

RT @julietcap16 Reflecting on today... Montague is a murderer!! I WAS BORN A #Capulet AND WILL DIE a Capulet!!!

Wasn't it Shakespeare himself who wrote for his character, Hamlet, "The play's the thing. Wherein I'll catch the conscience of a lot of new followers." I do believe so.

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