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We liked this trio. (identities kept secret to protect the fashionable)

NYFW, Lincoln Center Style!
Look at that giant wall they built!! It's actually made of printed fabric,
to match the marble of the other buildings.
Pretty clever. And amazing execution.

Okay, here's a closer look at the fabric. In person, you can't even tell
it's fabric. (yes I am obsessed with the fabric)

Okay, so we had to see for ourselves. I know we said Monday that getting allllllll the way to Lincoln Center from the Fashion District was some kind of bother; but it really wasn't. I don't know what we were on about.

In case you haven't been to see the new New York Fashion Week, it's up until tomorrow. Get over there! It's really cool people-watching (as always). And the venue is pretty great too.

Someone is always interviewing someone at Fashion Week.

I have no idea who these people are, but they'll be on camera
sometime in the next day or so!

I just noticed, this girl in blue has the same shoes as the girl in white above!
What is the liklihood of that?

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