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Had a fab meeting with Design and Sales this morning. Do you guys want to know what's Hot in LA? What's Hot in our stores? Trend report coming right up!Dollhouse Destructed Denim is blowing out of our stores. And *ROCK* is our #1 wash right now! Check out the *Dollhouse Distressed Whiskered Skinny* in the *ROCK* wash, pictured below.

If you love to *ROCK* but prefer a boot, check out this totally hot style >> *Dollhouse Button-Flap Whiskered Bootcut*

Another hot seller in our stores right now: our *ZIGGY* light wash has been one of our most popular. Vintage-y, with a washed & worn-in look. Check out this wash in our *Button-Flap Pick Stitch Light Bootcut* right here >>

If you like our *Ziggy* wash, but prefer a short-short, check out these *Denim Suspender Short-Shorts* >>

By the way, shorts with tights are hot for Fall. We saw it LA!!

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