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prom time: time to pluck!

Okay, so we know some of you have been thinking about Prom since around December, right? How to wear your hair, what dress to buy, what shoes, what boy to take, what color stretch limo, evening bag, accessories, and on and on and on. But did you ever stop to think about your brows? Yes, of course you did. Because if you're reading this blog, you're probably obsessed with fashion and all that goes with it.

If you're going for a fancy up-do on your special night, you definitely want to think about shaping your brows. Whether you go for waxing, plucking or threading, that's totally up to you. If you go to an aesthetician, or if you DIY, here are a few videos, charts and tips for you to ponder while you ponder what route to take.

Remember gals, waxing gets you a hard line with a lot of up-keep. Plan to re-wax as often as every 2 weeks. Plucking is more organic-looking and you can maintain it yourself. Threading, we are told (after interviewing a number of fashionistas at Dollhouse), grows back kinda fast. It's only 5 bucks in NYC, so you may not get the shape you love.

Brow Love: Handy Diagram for you.
Take a thin stick of some sort (I used a satay pick)
and start diagramming! Note: Line F starts from your nostril to your outer eye,
to the end of your brow. This determines if you need to shorten them up.
Line E is where to start the arch. Look straight ahead when measuring from
the outer part of your iris (colored part of your eye).

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