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the royal replay will have to do

Okay, so Gina and I kinda blew it. We learned about this cool party in NYC too late. We could have been at the Paley Center on 52nd Steet (near MoMA) watching the Royal Wedding on a movie screen, sipping free champagne, eating free scones, and sipping free Twinings tea at 5:30 this morning, and still could have been on time to work. But alas, all the complimentary tickets to this fun event went like British hot cakes, and we arrived too late to the Website.

Gina was going to watch it anyway at home. Me, I probably just wanted the free scones and champagne. This morning, Gina set 4 alarms at 5 minute-intervals starting at 4am. She is hard-core. I found out yesterday that the British people have to pay for the Royal Wedding with their tax money (I had no idea!) so I kind of soured on the whole thing. Oh well, at least Gina got to see the Wedding, and I happened to see the kiss on the balcony. If you missed it, you can catch The Royal Replay. The best place to catch it is on The Royal Channel on YouTube. Yes, the Royals have their own YouTube Channel.

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