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$1 portraits? totally cool

Check this out! $1 portraits! The process is so simple, how could you not do it?

You can find all these instructions on Jenny's Website, but just in case you're too lazy to click, here's how you can get real art for $1:

5 easy steps!
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  1. write on the wall, anything you want.
  2. PayPal $1 (or more if you can/are cool/or want to help this project continue). You can order for two people at a time. I'm not going to draw 2 of any one person however. Some people like to order for a family member, or a surprise for a friend, etc. (If it's a surprise, I won't tag you or them, but I ca...n just email you the file). Please let me know in the PayPal message if your Paypal account name is different from your Facebook name, this will help me put the pieces together and find who you are easier. Also in the Paypal message, let me know who the drawing/s is/are for. If there is no message, I'll assume you ordered only 1 and it's of yourself. You cannot order in advance and pay for future drawings. In other words, please wait till your 1 or 2 portraits are finished and posted before ordering again. Thanks!
  3. I'll friend you.
  4. I add you to the list in order that I receive your payment. And I draw them in that order as well.
  5. I'll post them and tag you.

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