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mccarren park pool opens june 28!

Drumroll please. No, bigger drumroll than that. Yes, the opened-in-1936 but closed-in-1983 Robert Moses public pool in Greenpoint, Brooklyn (that's right near Williamsburg, if you don't watch HBO's Girls and are not familiar with North Brooklyn) is set to reopen for real at the end of the month. As Opening Day draws nigh, and path stickers announcing the June 28 opening become well-trodden-on in nearby McCarren Park, the excitement is palpable. Palpable!

What will it be like swimming with 1499 other people? What will it be like burning to a crisp while waiting in line to get in? How long will the beautifully-designed locker room with actual boards from the Coney Island boardwalk remain unblemished? And is it free? These questions are best left for next Thursday and beyond.

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