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going out: 230 fifth

Rooftop bars. You love them in the summer. So relaxing. Spacious. Impressive. Amazing views. But where do you go in the winter? Sure the bars with fireplaces are pretty cozy when the snow is falling. But you still crave the wide open spaces of the rooftop every once in awhile. Don't you? We do. Enter 230 Fifth, right near Madison Square Park in NYC. They have a heated rooftop, with a spectacular view of the Empire State Building. Located just 6 or so blocks away on 5th Avenue at 27th Street, 230 Fifth features specialty cocktails (a bit pricey at $14, but hey, you're paying for the view) and a nice menu of tasty bites.  [above: image by C.C. "The view from 230 Fifth" below: images via 230 Fifth, the Penthouse Lounge]


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