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the cronut craze

Wait, this Cronut thing is not a total and utter joke? Eater can't stop writing about it. New Yorkers are so bizarre that they would line up around the block for a fried croissant. Apparently Dominque Ansel on Spring Street in SoHo is the only official Cronut maker. And produces just 300 per day, which sell out immediately (note: limit two per person).

Gregory's Coffee provides an imposter cronut. I wonder if that will last or they'll get sued. Who's heard of cronuts? [image via Dominique Ansel]

Update, June 17, 4:39pm
Checked out Gregory's Coffee and spied the imposter Cronut, called the Cro-Dough. Way better name, if you ask me. And only $4. But that's probably $3.50 too much for either pastry. I made my co-worker get one. The cross-section looks exactly like the real thing. It wasn't so thrilling. It could have been more flaky if it didn't have the cream piped in, he said. Well, there you have it.

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