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If you live in NYC, you probably know about the Treats Truck. These days, that is just a given. But perhaps you did not realize you can learn their daily schedule, camp out on their corner, and be the first in line to snap up their delicious sandwich cookies and other sweet treats baked by Kim Ima and her team.

Here is their schedule for the remainder of this week. Click here for the menu, and start salivating. If you find you get hooked, you can subscribe to their newsletter and never miss a treat.

Tue, Jan 20 12-3:30: 38th St & 5th Ave

Wed, Jan 21 12-3:30: 45th St & 6th Ave

Thu, Jan 22 12-3:30: 38th St & 5th Ave
3-4:30: Truck 2 - UWS, Bway in 80's (Call)

Fri, Jan 23 12-3:30: 45th & 6th Ave
12-2: Truck 2 - near 5th Ave & 13th St (Call)
3-4:30: 6th Ave & 20th St

Sat, Jan 24 10-1:30: Park Slope, Union St near
Prospect Park W & 8th Ave
12-4: Truck 2 - UWS, Bway in 80's (Call)

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