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3:00 sugar

Right about now, the sugar jones is kicking in. It must be 3:00. And quite frankly, we at Dollhouse are curious about what food escapades Blondie and Brownie have been up to lately. Let's take a peek, shall we?

Oh Blondie and Brownie. The visions of sugar plums you plant in our heads. How could we not become addicted to reading your blog?

*Incidentally, Amai, I knew yee, and am sad to see you go. I loved the green tea matcha shake especially when you finally agreed to make it for me with skim milk and much less sugar. It was so chalky and delicious. I guess that explains my dream last night. I dreamt that we went to a Japanese bakery and bought green tea-frosted chocolate cakes. They were pricey at $30 each, so we opted to buy just one. But we got a free hunk of cake to taste and it was delicious. Then we were shown another fabulous cake. It was a cake hidden inside another cake. The inner cake was coated in a thin layer of vanilla frosting and slivvered almonds. The outer cake was vanilla sponge. The two cakes were separated by a small space so one did not disturb the other. How strange. I invented a new cake design in my dream!

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