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the winners are... dollhouse brand ambassadors, part 4

Congratulations to Dollhouse Brand Ambassador, Brittney G.

Part 4 of our Brand Ambassador Series. And the recap: you may have read all about our latest exciting fashion program with Teen Vogue, because we've been doing a lot of Twittering and Blogging about it these days. We're talking about the Dollhouse Brand Ambassador program which just started last month! If you haven't heard all about it, we'll get you all caught up right now.

Thanks to Teen Vogue, we are so excited to be working directly with 20 fashion-savvy, trend-setting, super-enthusiastic young women. In April, we selected the best of the best Teen Vogue ItGirls based on their responses to a Dollhouse survey about jeans, shopping and brand awareness. The ItGirls came through for us, and are currently spreading the Dollhouse love in a town near you. Perhaps even in your own town! And they are armed with shopping discount codes too! Perhaps you know one of our Brand Ambassadors? Well, we'd like to introduce you to a few, one by one.

We'd like to congratulate Brittney G. on becoming one of twenty Dollhouse Brand Ambassadors! And here's why Brittney wanted to help spread the word about Dollhouse:

[...] I not only have a love for clothes, but I also have an eye for finding the next big thing. The clothes that i wear everyday definitely embody the brand that I would be representing and I would always be there to do my part and more for the position that I was chosen for. I am very reliable and I enjoy helping out, volunteering, and everything about the fashion world.

I really believe that if I was the new brand ambassador of Dollhouse, my peers working with this brand would never be disappointed with me or my work. If chosen, I would put everything into my work that would ensure success for my peers and me.

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