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fashion's night out hits the streets

She's got the look. Now imagine 100 of this girl.
[image from Fashion's Night Out official Website]

Picture this. 9:30 am. Wednesday, September 9. A beautiful, strange and wonderful army of fashion models, uniform height, each wearing Fashion's Night Out t-shirts and 4" heels. A sea of natural young fresh faces, slightly wavy long hair parted in the middle, most of them blonde. Why weren't there more brunettes, I wonder...

"The look" is quite similar to the girl pictured above. About 100 girls, in fact, (were there 200?) arranged in fairly orderly rows, poised to run across Sixth Avenue toward the Tents at Bryant Park. A woman in charge wearing a printed satin blouse stands opposite her beautiful army on a raised hydraulic platform with a megaphone giving the command. A man dressed somewhat like a FedEx delivery guy, but not exactly, single-handedly stops traffic at 41st Street and Sixth Avenue. He's got guts. Taxis and buses start honking like crazy. On cue, models break into giant smiles and lighthearted screams and charge across the street.

Take 1. Cut.

They do this six more times. I cannot believe my eyes. Only in New York. I am so happy I got to see this, even though I didn't have my camera on me. Why oh why did I leave my camera at home?

I walk another block towards the Dollhouse Showroom, and no one has any idea what is going on just a block away. No one has any idea there is an army of beautiful girls charging towards the Tents at Bryant Park. Ah fashion. Ah New York. How I love you both.

The story doesn't end here. Check out more discoveries about this mysterious event on our Twitter page.

UPDATE: September 10, 2009
Yes, this is what I saw! Photo by Patrick Demarchelier! Yes, I said Patrick Demarchelier!!!
via the Fashion's Night Out Facebook fan page.

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