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and now, a sweet treat for the new yorkers who didn't go to magic

Equal opportunity snacking is what we stand for here at Dollhouse. Earlier we posted for our Dollhouse sales team currently at MAGIC about a great cupcake spot that delivers all over Las Vegas. Half our company is at MAGIC as we speak (booth #JR2600), showing all the great new styles from Dollhouse. The other half is here in NYC, thinking about snacking as 3pm approaches. Miss Softee to the rescue. Yes you read that right. Miss not Mister. If you love the sweet/salty combo, and who doesn't, Miss Softee is currently at 40th & 5th selling today's special: Potato Chip Choco Dip Cone. I know! Are our eyes deceiving us? We'll just have to walk over and sample for ourselves.

via Blondie and Brownie
image from Blondie and Brownie

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