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a glamour do or don't

Here's the copy that went along with this "Glamour Fashion Do" (or don't?):

DON'T forgot to keep things simple when wearing a feather skirt.

Hellooo, gorgeous! Ten bucks says you'll hear that greeting every time you walk into a room with a kicky little number like this on. When wearing a plume-accented skirt,

DO skip headbands or dangly earrings-one party-friendly item is all you need.

ADAM, Spring 2010

Oh, okay. Let me get this straight. So what you're saying is don't go head-to-toe feathery? Because I would have thought to wear as many feathers as possible. I mean, didn't Bjork get rave reviews when she wore her swan to that awards ceremony years ago?

Bjork and the swan...
[image via teamsugar]


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