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We were clicking along to find out a little bit more about our latest Facebook Fans (or "people who like Dollhouse," as Facebook now likes to say. What_ever) and we found this cool artist! We shall call her by her Etsy profile name, bu8bles. She is from Houston, TX and makes Op Art. Totally rad. Check out her Etsy site here. She will customize some art for you. Contact her! Yay creativity!

If we can get an interview with the artist, we'll publish it in this post!

I am so excited that I got to interview Stacia, aka bu8bles, via email yesterday. Check it out below! Very very cool Thanks so much Stacia!! I added some links to the artists you mentioned, so everyone can check out your influences.

Six Questions for Our Facebook Fan, Stacia

dollhouse: First of all, talk about your materials. Freezer paper sounds very interesting! And what is the pigment you use?

Stacia: I started using freezer paper since it's cheap and fast and I can make it just about any size. I use acrylic paint for the most part, but for drawings I use my trusty black Uniball pen or a Sharpie. It doesn't bleed through! I have lots of different designs and I'm working on getting a sample of each up on etsy. I have a couple of paintings that I did on canvas that I'll be listing later. They're about 30"x40".

dollhouse: Who is your favorite Op Artist? I am seeing a lot of Jasper Johns influences. Very cool.

Stacia: I first started these kinds of swirly drawings when I was about 11 (22 years ago!), but I didn't know it had an actual name until I took Art History in college (which I ended up minoring in). I would say after discovering *that* I was inspired mostly by Victor Vasarely, but also Bridget Riley. I love doing stuff in black and white, but also with colors that don't necessarily go together. It ends up looking pretty cool. They're just so hard to describe. You'd really have to see it. I describe it as mod abstract op art.

dollhouse: Did you study art, or are you self-taught?

Stacia: I took the required art class in high school, but I can't recall learning anything about what I do. Like I said, I didn't know there was other stuff out there like mine til college. When I was little, there used to be a show on called The Secret City on PBS. I had the giant workbook and learned about shading and contour. I thought about majoring in art later, but really I knew how to do everything I wanted already so I didn't see the point. So essentially I'm self-taught.

dollhouse: What do you do when you’re not making art?

Stacia: I've recently got into researching my genealogy. That takes up a lot of my free time, but it's fun. I haven't discovered any relation to any artists yet...

dollhouse: What made you become a Fan of Dollhouse? (Thank you, by the way:-))

Stacia: Actually when I first joined Facebook, I started looking for things to be a fan of and the show Dollhouse was on. I did a search and noticed you guys and "fanned" you, too! I have the jeans and shoes so I just had to. Since I work as a fashion consultant it just made sense!

dollhouse: What is your favorite Dollhouse design/item/silhouette?

My favorite jeans are Style #EL-2192W RN#53728. I only know that since I had to find more on eBay since I couldn't find them anymore anywhere else. =P I really love jeans that fit well in the butt and thigh with a bootcut or a flare.

Super cool. I wish it was a real phone interview. Then I could ask you follow-up questions. Like what you do as a fashion consultant. Sounds like you have a good enriching life. Keep up your art! Check out Stacia's latest pieces on her Etsy site!

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At May 5, 2010 at 2:51 AM , Blogger Stacia said...

Thanks so much for featuring me! I just added some new paintings to my etsy store


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