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ping pong trophy anyone?

Ping Pong at Bryant Park. Sure it looks peaceful now, but you should see
how these people serve! The spins! I mean, I am out of my league.

I realize there may not be anyone out there (besides me) who would be interested in this little newsy tid-bit. But you never know. So I'm posting it. There's going to be a Ping Pong Tournament in Bryant Park (right near our Dollhouse HQ, as it so happens) on Wednesday, June 2. Starts at 6. It's free to enter, but only 32 spots are open. So decide soonish, and call to register: 212.768.4242. I am still deciding. Do I really want to play against a bunch of super super good men? Why don't any girls ever enter these things? I mean, I don't know. I'm still deciding.

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