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I have three words for you. You must go. Now where I am insisting you go? To Times Square, to a small kiosk on Broadway @ 43rd Street. You should bring a friend or two or three. You will be participating in a ceremony. You will get a special gift. You won't have to pay a cent. You will become part of Paul Ramirez Jonas' Key to the City!!

Paul Ramirez Jonas' Key to the City is a public art project that opened in Times Square last night at 6pm. The project "reinvents the civic honor of bestowing keys on luminaries." Yes, ordinary people like you and me can get a specially-designed commemorative "master key able to unlock more than 20 sites across New York City's five boroughs." Pretty neat. And these special sites will be open until September 6, so you have plenty of time to explore new possibilities.

Participation in the ceremony and in Ramirez Jonas' art project is FREE (and magical). Keys will be distributed through a kiosk in Times Square, Broadway & 43rd Street, everyday from June 3 -27. Kiosk hours are Mon-Fri 2-8, Sat-Sun 12-8. Go!

New York Post coverage of last nights Key to the City opening!

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