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sidewalk catwalk

Okay, I'll bite. What's under the pink drop cloth?

Something's brewing on Broadway. Again. What is it this time? I'll give you a hint. It has to do with fashion. Duh, we're in the Garment District. And it has to do with Macy's. These pink-draped mystery mannequins are currently lining "Broadway Beach"* from Macy's on 34th all the way up to 42nd. Well, at least NYC constantly provides something new and exciting to gawk at. And gawk, I will. With camera.

The mannequins will be unveiled on June 24, as part of Sidewalk Catwalk, sponsored by Macy's and The New York Times. The program will feature top designers like Donna Karan, Jason Wu, Michael Kors, John Bartlett, Tommy Hillfiger, Carmen Marc Valvo (and more), and will run through September 3. Stay tuned... Maybe there will be snacks? Maybe it will be a fun street party for all the garment workers to join?

Dear Macy's,
Please read this blog post and throw us a big block party starting at say, 3pm? It's nice and shady on Broadway then, and we are at our low-energy point, seeking cupcakes and iced coffee. I hope you do it. We need a party.

*as I lovingly refer to the Mayor's plan to improve traffic and give something back to the pedestrians. I guess I could also call it Pebble Row. Remember when it was actually clean on that first day? I have a picture to prove it. I'll show you some time.

The bride? No that would be the finale.
How will this white dress fare after a few days?
Rain, dirty truck fumes, people's sticky fingers.
Just sayin'.

Broadway between 39th and 40th Streets

Someone got creative with some shells...

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