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Horchata. A dairy-free almond milk (or rice milk) drink
with cinnamon and sugar. What's not to like?

Phew, I knew the Treats 'n Eats column would spark some good ideas. I am in the mood for a new discovery anyway. So I was just thinking, with how popular horchata has become in NYC these days, why isn't there a (an?) horchata-flavored gelato, ice cream, ice pop or Italian Ice?

Or is there? And where?

Horchata, as you may already know, is a delicious beverage made from sweetened rice milk, almonds and cinnamon (Mexican recipe), or sesame seeds, milk, sugar and water (Puerto Rican recipe), or a few other variations, depending on what Latin American establishment you are patronizing. One of my favorite horchatas is from a Venezuelan place in the East Village, called Caracas. Their horchata is very thick and creamy, and a bit of an indulgence. Another one of my favorite horchatas made by the Red Hook food vendors (Mexican) at the Brooklyn Flea.

But back to the search at hand: horchata-flavored gelato or other frozen treat. So I think I may have found a tasty variation. There's an Iced Espresso Horchata that looks worth trying at Crop to Cup in Brooklyn Heights. And there's also a Frozen Horchata at Shopsins. I will take a field trip (with camera) and let you know.

Crop to Cup
139 Atlantic Avenue (Henry/Clinton Streets)
Brooklyn Heights

Essex Market
120 Essex Street

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