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boom boom doesn't come for free?

A little Boom Boom doesn't come with the room anymore at The Standard hotel in NYC. Hotel guests used to get it until 9pm; but as of July 13, they won't be getting any Boom Boom at all. What? The only ones who will be getting any Boom Boom will be those who will pay dearly to be a member of this elitist club when it reopens later this year. What? No Boom Boom? At all?

Well, sorry folks, that's what we read on Hotel Chatter. I don't think people are too happy about it either, judging from this comment [excerpt]:

I stay in 'trendy' hotels so I can party in them too. If I want to be on the outside of a cool hotel party lounge, I can stay at home and watch celebs on the 'red carpet' at home for free.

Take that The Standard. Or don't. You probably won't, will you. Nope, we didn't think so.

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