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carpe cake-um!

I don't know about you, but during the 3:00 sugar hour, I like to browse what the gals who eat everything and anything sweet (and finish every last bite) are eating. Yes, I am talking about Blondie and Brownie. I think I finally tracked down a pic of these two happy food bloggers -- you know, to see if they are what they eat... And you know what? They're not! They are perfectly thin and trim. Is this un-PC to say? Well, they do defy normal metabolism, so color me fascinated.

And so concludes today's food for thought. In the form of a cute marshmallow-y smiley-faced cupcake. Oh, just one more thing if you happened to read their accompanying blog post that goes with the cupcake. Are you guys so over food trucks in NYC? I kinda am. There are just too many of them these days.

*Carpe cake-um, the title of this post, is a genius phrase coined by Blondie and Brownie. Yes they are masters of the dessert world.

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