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dollhouse shoes in the news!

Dollhouse Shoes are in the Blog news, that is. Bloggers love Dollhouse footwear, and we love that they love it. We came across this nice note via Twitter yesterday and had a chat:

@stilettosaddict Thanks for following! I did a feature on a pair of your boots & received great responses xoxo

@dollhousejeans Cool, we'll check it out!

@stilettosaddict Thanks! Here's link:

@dollhousejeans OMG Awesome! We are totally blogging about this! Tomorrow.

@stilettosaddict Thanks so much!!! I love your brand :) xoxo

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At November 24, 2010 at 4:27 PM , Blogger Pink Stilettos said...

You guys are so awesome for this!!!! xoxo

Thanks for the post

At November 24, 2010 at 8:00 PM , Blogger .pink said...

OMG! I LUV Pink Stilettos Blog !

It is so "right now" with all of the latest 'SHOE GAME' 411!

I am so glad that you are letting all of your followers in on all of their 'Shoe Swagger' !!!

hhhmmmm...will Dollhouse Shoes be a PREMIERE Sponsor of My Fav Blog ?

*I would to luv to shoe shop for my favorite shoes from my favorite Blog ;-)*


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