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are styles from the 70s back?

70s flares & vest by dollhouse

photo: aliya naumoff for dollhouse

Are styles from the 70s back? The Dollhouse designers certainly believe so. Our team of Dollhouse denim designers shop all the shows, shop Europe, and shop Asia to find the next hottest trends for you. As part of the Dollhouse sales team myself, I need to be aware of all trends too -- past, present, and future. I check Websites such as Fashionising, StyleCaster, BecomeGorgeous and other trend sites daily.

So when our head merchandiser first presented a line full of bell bottoms, flared, and high-waisted pants and jeans back in early January, I was totally ready to embrace the new. But part of me also wondered what would happen to our bread-and-butter staple: The Skinny. Personally, I love high-waisted and flared jeans; but the Dollhouse consumer loves their low-rise skinny-leg fitted jeans. A lot.

Since that design presentation, I've been noticing a funkadelic explosion! From the runways and fashion Websites to celebrities and fashion magazines, 70s-inspired styles and silhouettes are definitely in high demand from buyers.

But why you ask? Why the time warp to the 70s? According to Fashionising’s Editor in Chief, Daniel Dykes, the reason why flared and bell bottoms are coming back in style is because “skinny jeans have become so common, such a staple in most everyone’s wardrobe, that people are seeking an alternative.” I totally agree! Plus I never lost faith in the flare.

So it's time to embrace the 70s! Be on the lookout for these silhouettes in-store, and especially on

High-waisted wide-leg pants or flares
Roll neck sweaters
Neat bow-blouses
Ruffled necklines
Hot pants
Beaded necklaces
Bright colors
Earth tones
Silk fabrics
Lurex fabric

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