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time to consult the magic eight ball

Dear Fellow Procrastinators,
How long does it take you to get comfy, find a good study place, get your perfect snacks, and finally settle down to work? Well if you're having trouble digging in to the work-at-hand today, you're apparently not alone. Look at Aquarius. "Don't expect to make much progress on detail-oriented work." Hmph, well, glad I'm not an Aquarius because I have a lot on my to-do list today.

If you have trouble with procrastinating, I probably shouldn't be distracting you with this post. But then again, you can't help it and neither can I. SO, if you need more information about how your day's going to go today, consult And just to be sure, I'd suggest consulting my old standby, the online Magic Eight Ball. Just for a second opinion.

Well this looks promising! Now all I need are the perfect snacks... What am I hungry for? I wonder if I really am an Aquarius...

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