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yes, makeup brushes are an investment

We've been all about beauty lately, with Prom coming right up. We've been having a debate about makeup brushes here at Dollhouse. Maybe you guys could chime in. Do you invest in great brushes, pretty much a one-time buy in your life with the proper care (shampooing them once every 2 weeks, and laying them flat to dry on a paper towel overnight) or do you go the drugstore or dollar store route and pay a couple of bucks to save the $$$?

The problem is, as I see it, those discount brushes shed on your face. Your flawless makeup becomes flawed when you have to pick the hairs out of your foundation. Gross. As you can tell, I am kind of leaning towards plunking down the $$$ for some good brushes. So, where to start? How about starting with just a foundation brush (around $32) and a powder/blush brush (around $35). This is my personal bias, by I totally recommend MAC. They rock. Flawless make-up, here we come.

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