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tips for applying eye makeup

Our Prom series continues with tips for applying eye color. Choose your skin tone, choose your video!

  1. The first video above has great music and great tips. Don't pay attention to the strange Hello Kitty intro.
  2. The next video features a Rihanna-inspired eye and lots of great techniques. Super cool. Plus she has a nice British accent.
  3. The third video below has lots of great techniques for applying eye color wet, dry, in "a wash" (what I wear), you name it. She also has a nice British accent.
  4. The fourth vid below starts with an eyeshadow base, Painterly, from MAC. Good tip for all. She has great tips for highlighting too.
  5. Finally, Michelle Phan (I'm an instant fan -- Michelle has great techniques) shows us a fun Lady Gaga look. Yes, we had to include Lady Gaga.

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