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labor day week!

Boat Tour on a budget. It's great to be on the water. It's great it only costs $4.

Happy Labor Day week everyone! As the summer winds down this week (and hopefully the humidity too), do you have plans to soak up the last remaining relaxing days? That is, if you haven't gone back to school... Have dinner at an outdoor patio in NYC. Drinks on a roof deck. Take a relaxing ride on the East River Ferry. Just 4 bucks. Take a last dip at the newly reopened McCarren Park Pool. It closes Labor Day. Take the subway to the beach. Take the bus to the beach. Take a boat to the beach. Go to a street fair. Walk along the Hudson near Battery Park and drink iced coffees. See a movie in an icy-cold theater. And then have iced coffees. Walk on the High Line at dusk. What are your ideas?

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