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wait, what?

Wait, there's a publication called Hotel Chatter? That seems very. Specific. Well anyway, by the time I walked the one block from the subway on Sixth Avenue to Broadway* and got to my desk this morning, I actually remembered the two things I wanted to look up. What is kofta anyway? (oh it's meat. oh well.) And what the heck is that hotel with the wall painting on 38th near Sixth Avenue? It has a giant arrow pointing to a rooftop bar. That's new. I think. Is it? It's this:

The lobby of the Refinery Hotel, according to Curbed, has a "1920s-inspired tea parlor, vaulted ceilings, a 21st Century arcade, and a reception area that's 'outfitted with warm wood and a custom installation of hat-making tools" to reference the original building's use as a hat factory.'"

Tea Parlor? Hat Factory? Well that sounds interesting enough to pay a visit at lunch. And investigate the rooftop bar, if there is one. Well, if I can remember. I'll take pictures for you another time.

*NYC wreaks havoc on your short-term memory. Too much visual stimuli. Too many things worth further investigation. Too many FedEx guys to dodge. (They will seriously hit you with their cart.) It's impossible to hold a thought in your head on some days. I keep a notepad. Or a camera on me. But all week long, I forgot my camera. Probably should have written, "bring camera" on my notepad. 

Update, 3:42pm
Ha! The hotel is not even open yet! So funny. I talked to one of the construction workers. It won't be open for another three months. Somehow, I feel better.


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