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fashionista comes to dollhouse (full pics)

Hot fashion blog, Ron Padmore's Fashionista, came to shoot a piece on Dollhouse at our Showroom today! We snapped some "making of the making of" pics for you to see. The video will air in a few weeks. We'll let you know. Exciting!
Rohn is shooting our Dollhouse Design Team meeting in the conference room. Katrina [L] & Makesha [R] answer questions about Dollhouse's design direction.

The Dollhouse Design Team (Katrina, Makesha, Elianna, Ali, Yedidya) + Fashionista's debonair host.

Dollhouse Design Team thinking about the question: how has the Internet shaped/changed/influenced your business?
Phew, this question is about color. Everyone lights up, especially Makesha, in electric peach.

Rohn, Yedidya, Elianna, Makesha, debonair host

Rohn Padmore, we are liking your layers.

Dollhouse Jeans moodboards & design inspiration

Dollhouse Outerwear Showroom

Dollhouse Outerwear moodboards + collection

Dollhouse Jeans design team + Rohn Padmore + debonair host (we don't know his name!)

Katrina: are you getting the shoes in the shot? Um no. Wait.


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