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drive those exhaust fumes away: go eco in 09!

Is this grassy Volkswagon the latest in Eco-Chic?
I think this is an 80s model of some sort. Now, put to better use,
in my humble opinion.
[image from UT100]

Living in New York City, I cannot tell you the last time I actually drove a car. I keep my driver's license current though, just so I can board a plane, ride the Amtrak, or write a check (but who really writes a check anymore...). I have often thought that if I had a driveway, I would jackhammer it up and grow grass on it. I would convert my garage into a cool art studio. And if I had a car, I would use it as a planter. So I loved finding out about these new eco-friendly cars. What are they? I will have to get this Chinese language Website translated and get back to you. In the meantime, enjoy the rest of the photos.

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