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paris hilton punk rock tee

Is it just me, or do you think the Paris Hilton Floating Faces Tee looks totally punk rock! From far away, the print looks like skulls and spray paint. Up close, you see it's Paris' head repeating over and over. So funny. I love it. It is very Andy Warhol meets Punk Rock meets Metal (I am talking about the Old English font used to spell out Paris) meets Glam (there is a bit of black sparkle in the letters of course).

When you take the time to look at the Paris Hilton pieces, you find the design details are chock-full of cultural references. And the way they are juxtaposed and all mixed together is pretty droll. Spend some time with the Paris Hilton collection and study the pieces. You will find it interesting.

I am planning to "rock this tee" as the kids say (no, I didn't really just say that) with the Paris Hilton In the Band Jacket, another piece I have been obsessively clicking on lately. In general, I love love love military-style details. And this piece is awesome because it is stretch knit. Super comfortable but with a tailored look. I just tried them on here in the Dollhouse showroom. I am totally buying both today. I can't wait to get my new Paris pieces.

Paris Hilton In the Band Jacket
currently on sale on

Excellent tailored look with military style details, but
super comfortable because it is stretch!

Note: as of this posting we are sold out of many sizes,
but we are reordering today! We'll let you know when it is back in stock.

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