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fashion blueprint: outfits for the week!

Follow our "Fashion Blueprint" to create outfits for the week. With a few key Dollhouse pieces, you can mix and match to make endless combinations. (That's where your creativity comes in.) Plus, it's much more economical, yes?

Start with your Core Outfit:
A top and skinny jeans (what else?)
Day 2
Go dressy!
Day 3
Add some color! Bright color is very IN for Fall.
You get the idea. Don't forget to add some inner layers (half off intimates until 9/14), some Dollhouse fab shoes,* and a cute cropped Bomber when the weather gets a bit chillier. We love the Dollhouse Cropped Bomber.

*Can we just tell you? The Gladiator style shoe/sandal/boot (you name it) is so IN! We just walked by the Tents at Bryant Park (NYC Fashion Week) this morning, and saw wall-to-wall gladiators. Everyone attending the Shows was wearing glads. You'll be glad to wear glads too.

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