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dollhouse fall 2010 photoshoot!

Photographer, Morris Antebi

Makeup by Dana James
Model: Jennifer from APM was awesome!

Yesterday, we were out in Brooklyn on the top floor of a factory, shooting the Dollhouse Fall 2010 campaign! Wait 'til you see it! It was pretty exciting.

I got some behind-the-scenes shots and lots of video. Want to see some sneak-peeks? Come back in 15 minutes. Up now!

The team!
Photographer: Morris Antebi
Photo assistants: Irv Goldberg, Michael Bellhassen, Ralph Laboton
Model: Jennifer, APM
Makeup: Dana James
Hair: Marcel Dagenais
Stylists: Belinda Bacal, Alison Hills
Producer: Alisa Shteynshleyger

Blogger & "Official Unofficial" Documentarian: Elaine Perlov

Dana James works her magic

Jennifer's comp card

Makeup being done in the one light corner of the factory floor.

Jennifer has beautiful face

Style consult with the team
[L-R] Marcel (hair), Alisa & Belinda (Dollhouse), Dana (makeup), Jennifer (model)

Belinda [L] styles Look #1
Loving the knee socks and clogs with the Dollhouse denim dress!

Look #1: Dollhouse Denim Dress
photographer, Morris Antebi, at right

Look #1, Marcel Dagenais does a hair touch-up between shots

Look #2 with Dollhouse Denim Shirt, Lace Pants & new HANDBAGS!!!!

I can't wait to see this shot on the front page of our Website!!!

Props! And prop-mobile. Very handy for moving props around.


And here are various details from the factory floor (floor 8, to be exact)

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