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Who doesn't love sweet treats? And free sweet treats at that! You may have seen the bright yellow Wafels & Dinges truck at a street corner near you, serving up delicious Belgian treats (wafels) topped with more delicious treats (dinges). If you are a fan or a curious new customer, you will be pleased to learn that Wafels & Dinges has added new wheels to its fleet. To celebrate, it'll be serving FREE waffles today from 12 to 1 p.m. at 45th St. near Sixth Ave. Many thanks to Lea at Dollhouse for this hot tip.

I hope it rains. Then the line will be shorter!

Update, 11:48pm
Hey check out this Twitter update from Wafels and Dinges:

Come do your best Schwarzenegger impersonation at 45th and 6th today and earn 1 extra topping...see ya!

I am totally doing one. I should leave now! Yikes!

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