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coolhaus melts our hearts

We have been loving the vibe at Coolhaus lately. We religiously follow their Twitter feed, even though we're in NYC and they're in LA. The concept behind their ice cream sandwiches and their food truck is genius. Ice cream sandwiches based on architecture! Retro California-style 50s architecture that is. The best!

It seems that the actual sandwich includes a sloping roof -- made from a hand-cut cookie. Mmmm hand-cut cookie. But I wonder if it includes a chimney? They could make it out of a marshmallow...

If I were in LA right now, I would totally sample the "Mintimalism" (chocolate cookie, mint chip ice cream). However, title-wise, my favorite is the "Mies Vanilla Rohe" because who doesn't love Mies van der Rohe, master of Modern architecture?

Or I could just say, "Dollhouse loves Coolhaus." Direct and to the point.

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