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did you say dosa?

By now, you know me with my Friday cupcake stories on this blog, where as I write them, I usually get such an overwhelming urge to eat a cupcake that I can barely concentrate on finishing the post. So I thought I'd switch gears this Friday, from sweet to savory. Spicy even. And since we did our first "Things to do in LA" post this week, I thought we should do a second. Just to keep the attention of our Pacific Time Zone friends. Don't fret New Yorkers. We have a "Things to do in NYC" regular feature too. Okay, so here goes.

Attention Angelenos! Have you ever had a dosa? Well be prepared to be dazzled. There is a Dosa Truck which parks at the beach. Which beach you ask? Ocean Avenue and Colorado North. Or Main Street at Venice near Exhale. Follow the Dosa Truck on Twitter to stay up to date! And how cool is this? The owner of the Dosa Truck a woman from Brooklyn.

For those who haven't sampled this tasty treat, a dosa is a vegetarian South Indian ultra-thin crun-chewy lentil crepe that is rolled up, often stuffed with spicy potatoes and served with coconut chutney, coriander chutney and sambar (a spicy lentil soup that is heavenly). You can have one for lunch or dinner, or a snack if you are extra hungry. One is enough to fill you up. So deeee-licious. The LA Dosa Truck has interesting East-meets-West variations. Check out the menu here.

We have a dosa cart in New York too. We call him The Dosa Man. He serves his classic South Indian 100% vegetarian dosas in Washington Square Park in the Village. He is a very nice man.

Happy street food eating everyone! And happy Friday.

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