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Andy Warhol, Fame Monster

Lady Gaga, Fame Monster

Do you have thoughts on Lady Gaga? Do tell! Have you seen her latest Telephone vid? I can see the headlines now, "Lady Gaga Reinvents Herself!" Isn't that what they always said of Madonna? I have heard her interviewed a bunch of times, and I have some theories, which I may share later. Like about her new album title, The Fame Monster. What has Andy Warhol done to her brain?* And her hair? I wonder if Lady Gaga's wig velcro's onto her head like Warhol's? I am full of questions. Anyway, your thoughts please.

*Watch this interview vid on here. She says, "Right now the fame is the art." If that isn't stolen from the lips of Warhol, I don't know what is.

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