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sidewalk catwalk unveiled!

Way-cool parachute dress by Victor Alfaro

Yes I really liked this one.

This morning at 10am in a secret ceremony in front of Macy's Herald Square, the fashion-fabulous gathered to unveil Sidewalk Catwalk. Why organizers of the event, The Fashion Center Business Improvement District, did not make that fact more known to the public is a mystery. And a bit of a disappointment. I certainly would have been there, camera-in-hand. Well that's fashion for you. Exclusive.

The Fashion Center BID, according to Executive Director Barbara Randall, “[...] wanted to celebrate the Fashion District and express what this neighborhood is all about and its creative talent that is the home of American fashion.” In this blogger's opinion, the FCBID might have publicized this event to those who work in the Garment District to good effect. As I said before, we could use a party. Say around 3pm? With cupcakes?

I did catch the tail-end of the procession up Broadway (purely by accident), when I saw and shook hands with designer, John Bartlett. That was pretty cool. If you're in the neighborhood, check out Sidewalk Catwalk. And, if you simply MUST HAVE one of the creations, you can bid on them in an auction that lasts all summer long. It is not clear from the brochure or Website how you exactly bid, but go here to start.

Wow Yeohlee, what is your statement here?

Marc Jacobs?

The installers arrive! (My favorite shot)

This look by Rachel Roy

All excited I walked to the tents in front of Macy's only to find out the secret
event had already taken place. I must find some video, so we can all see it.

Oh well, it must have been cool to see all the designers.
Kenneth Cole [L] and Tommy Hilfiger [R]

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At June 25, 2010 at 2:33 PM , Blogger fashion herald said...

My point exactly! Why so secret and small when you've got tons of designers there? I was so confused. And I was going to tweet it once there, but my phone was out of juice, of course.

At June 28, 2010 at 4:41 PM , Anonymous Elaine said...

I am so glad you agree. Totally disappointing, the way they handled the press for the event. And the Website could be better with more clickables, for sure.


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