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don't forget to tip your mickey mouse

Cookie & Woody work the crowds on 42nd Street

I'll betcha didn't know that Spidey wears a fanny pack and a backpack.

Elmo with Mickey #1 (Fantasia Mickey)

It's still summer, and every tourist wants some sort of New York experience in Times Square. And it seems to me, the word is out amongst the "plush" community that tourists will pay to have their picture taken with any Mickey, Minnie or Elmo. It doesn't even have to look much like Mickey. (If you ask me, Mickey has to have a rounder head.) But tourists don't seem to mind.

Walking back from lunch yesterday, I saw more plush characters than ever before. I counted 3 Mickeys, 1 Minnie, 2 Elmos, 2 Cookie Monsters, 1 Woody, and even a Spiderman. Spidey offered me a free hug, but my own Spidey Sense told me to flee that situation.

So tourists, come to Broadway & 42nd Street to claim your summer Times Square New York-y experience. Just don't forget to put money in their tip bags.

Top-hat-and-tails Mickey #2 works Broadway beach

Mickey #3 works the West side of Broadway. Tails but no top hat.

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