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dita patchwork pump by dollhouse

The Dollhouse Footwear ad currently running in CosmoGirl.

The "Dita" patchwork pump by Dollhouse. We know you want them. We've read your emails. The good news is, they're coming to this season.

Sign the Dollhouse mailing list
for launch notification and get ready to shop!

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the friend date

157 E. Houston St. (Allen & Eldridge Sts.)
Lower East Side 212.473.9900
[image from]

A good article about the friend-date quandry. You like him, but not like-like. Shecky's to the rescue with a few suggestions of not-too-romantic places to dine in NYC.

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trend-spotting at new york fashion week

Now this is an intense pair of sandals. A cross between a 'gladiator' and a 'soccer goalie.' The shin guards certainly would come in handy riding the New York subway. Spotted outside the Tents at Bryant Park at New York Fashion Week.

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you are beautiful too. tell us your story!

Our contest is on again! In case you didn’t know, we are well into Part 2 of our You Are Beautiful Contest, getting great submissions every day. But it is never too late to submit your photos and tell us your story. We would love to hear from each and every one of you. Go to this link on for details.

And check out our winners from Part 1: Amberly Vogelsang, Courtney Kennedy, and Ashley Natalia Graddy. Congratulations ladies.

Click here to read more about Amberly Vogelsang

Click here to read more about Courtney Kennedy

Click here to read more about Ashley Natalia Graddy

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rock your look with our crayon-bright skinnies

Our Dollhouse email delivered right to your inbox, September 16, 2008

If you saw our recent Dollhouse email [above], you may have noticed that we were inspired by a blog post about our jeans on Glamazon Diaries [below]. Rihanna wore a pair of jeans by Cassette for $253. Glamazon Diaries featured our Crayon-Bright Skinny Jeans in hot yellow as the affordable pick. We couldn't have asked for a nicer press piece. Thanks Makeda!

[pageprint from Glamazon Diaries]
Our Crayon-Bright Skinnies in hot yellow featured, bottom center.

Dear Bloggers,

We love reading your thoughts on our designs. So much so that we love to feature your posts on our blog. Let us know if you write about Dollhouse. We'll let you know when we feature you. We'll also put a perma-link to your post in our "in the blog press" featured listing.

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fashion week

The Tents at Bryant Park had an election button theme this year
with slogans like Wear Your Vote, Vote Fashion, Spring '09 and the like...

Since New York Fashion Week takes place right around the corner from the Dollhouse offices, this blogger went to Bryant Park each day at lunch to snap some photos of the action around the tents. It seemed that someone was always interviewing someone while somebody else looked on. I stopped to listen, and even be in the shot (by accident), but couldn't quite figure out who anyone was. Any ideas?

She is definitely someone. I just don't know who.

Oops, I'm in their shot. Let me photograph them from a different angle.

I don't know who these two are, but the man on the left
has a British accent, and is clearly saying funny things,
based on the expression on the woman listening in

Two girls from Spain interview a man with a badge while another man
inexplicably stands
in traffic and watches.

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be a fashion stylist with polyvore

Have you ever tried Polyvore? It's an online "fashion stylist" type-of-tool you can use to create visual shareable wishlists and fabulous fashion spreads that look as good as the pages of Lucky magazine. According to Polyvore's directions, you can "mix and match images from anywhere on the web, to create outfits, interior designs, or any kind of collage." It is a neat site where you can just check out the trends or sign up for an account and get pretty creative.

These are a few that caught my eye.

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danity kane rocks our world

Super-sweet super-group Danity Kane members are (L-R):
Dawn Richard, Shannon Bex, Aubrey O’Day, D. Woods, and Aundrea Fimbres.

Dollhouse hosted an exclusive press preview (can you say media frenzy?) on Monday evening, August 18, announcing our latest design partnership and hot new denim line: Danity Kane for Dollhouse. Multi-Platinum group, Danity Kane graciously gave on-camera interviews in rapid fire to Extra!, BET's The Black Carpet, WWD, People, Vibe & more, while MTV's cameras filmed the high-energy event for this season's Making the Band 5 which premiered August 13.

Dollhouse’s camera (Nikon Coolpix L6 to be exact) got some great behind-the-scenes footage of the interviews too. We hope to show you our cut soon. We would like to call it, “The Making of the Making of ...” Well you get the idea.

Stay tuned: the line will debut at Macy's and on the Dollhouse Website in November. In the meantime, check out our party pics, and sign our mailing list for Priority Shopping Notification. We know how you love to be a VIP. We also hope to show you some sneak peeks at some fab design details from the Danity Kane for Dollhouse collection in the coming days before the official Launch. See? Now you have a few good reasons to come back and read this blog.

Welcome to the Dollhouse!
A view of our NYC showroom

Members of the press and other notables got to preview the new
Danity Kane for Dollhouse jeans line. You will too. Stay tuned!

The media frenzy. How exciting!.

The fashionable crowd samples Nuvo who sponsored the event.

Danity Kane gives live interviews, front and center.
Extra!'s cameraman at left (plaid sleeve) and MTV's cameraperson at right.

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