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happy pumpkin day!

[image via the interwebs]

We hope you all get lots of treats.

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facebook fans, we heart you

We love it when you guys post pics on our FB page! This is so great.

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dollhouse dress sale ends real soon!

Do you love Dollhouse Dresses? Get 'em on sale today (and probably tomorrow but maybe only part of tomorrow? We don't have the official word on the sale end date, but it's pretty pretty soon!)

Also, are you thinking holiday parties yet? Here are some great suggestions ~

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dollhouse outdoor ad campaign

Dollhouse lights up the Newsstand on Broadway & 38th in Manhattan.

Loving these! Bus stops in Queens!

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how sweet are these?

These acorn cookies are the sweetest cutest idea. And it looks like you don't have to have baking skills to make 'em. Just buying and frosting skills. Sounds good. [found on Pinterest. Have you ever tried Pinterest? Kinda cool]


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more about trends #2 & #4

[click image & read]

:-) Here's a lil' how-to I wrote. Dollhouse wants to know: Do You Flare? We've got lots of cute styles on to ease you into this trend. For those already "in" we've got lots of styles to make you smokin' hot. We aim to please. Well I opened this post with a smiley face. May as well close it with a smiley face :-)

For more of the Dollhouse Fall trend story:
Trend #2: The Flare! This one has waaay more to come. So stay tuned.
Trend #4: Leopard!

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fall trend #4: leopard!

Fall Trend #4: Leopard (and more leopard) (try these)

We have lots and lots of awesome Dollhouse leopard shoes, boots, flats, booties, platforms on right now. If you can believe it, we even have more than these! So great!

SHOPPING LINKS & great pricing (on
  1. Dollhouse Memo Ankle Strap Wedge Booties
  2. Dollhouse Fabian Sequin Platform Pump
  3. Dollhouse Diannah Sequin Leopard Ballet Flat
  4. Dollhouse Poshah Lace Up Wedge
  5. Dollhouse Adah Ballet Flat with Bow Detail
  6. Dollhouse Zatty Pleated Leopard Print Wedge Bootie
  7. Dollhouse Mescina Peep Toe Wedge Bootie
  8. Dollhouse Serenade Platform Pump with Bow Detail
  9. Dollhouse Vivianne Crisscross Strap Ankle Platform Boot

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fall trend #3: perfect plaid!

Fall Trend #3: Perfect Plaid (yes, still!) (try these)

Direct SHOPPING LINKS (on to come!

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fall trend #2: the flare!

Fall Trend #2: The Flare (try these)

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take a break -- take a listen

Fujiya & Miyagi 'Ankle Injuries' - Director: Wade Shotter from Tom Lindsay on Vimeo.

It's that time again. We've featured Fugiya & Miyagi before. Don't they have the best vids?? I mean amazing. [via Elaine]

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fall trend #1: color blocking!

Fall Trend #1: Color Blocking (try these)

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yes, we have 6 winners!

It's October 3rd, and that's the day we promised to announce the 6 WINNERS of our DOLLHOUSE BAG CONTEST on FACEBOOK! Check them out on our Facebook Page, and if you're one of the winners, please let us know how we should contact you! xoxoxo, dollhouse

UPDATE, 4:57 pm
Bonus ROUND! One random person who "shares" our FB post (on FB) will receive a NEW DOLLHOUSE BAG!! Click to share:

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