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did you say dosa?

By now, you know me with my Friday cupcake stories on this blog, where as I write them, I usually get such an overwhelming urge to eat a cupcake that I can barely concentrate on finishing the post. So I thought I'd switch gears this Friday, from sweet to savory. Spicy even. And since we did our first "Things to do in LA" post this week, I thought we should do a second. Just to keep the attention of our Pacific Time Zone friends. Don't fret New Yorkers. We have a "Things to do in NYC" regular feature too. Okay, so here goes.

Attention Angelenos! Have you ever had a dosa? Well be prepared to be dazzled. There is a Dosa Truck which parks at the beach. Which beach you ask? Ocean Avenue and Colorado North. Or Main Street at Venice near Exhale. Follow the Dosa Truck on Twitter to stay up to date! And how cool is this? The owner of the Dosa Truck a woman from Brooklyn.

For those who haven't sampled this tasty treat, a dosa is a vegetarian South Indian ultra-thin crun-chewy lentil crepe that is rolled up, often stuffed with spicy potatoes and served with coconut chutney, coriander chutney and sambar (a spicy lentil soup that is heavenly). You can have one for lunch or dinner, or a snack if you are extra hungry. One is enough to fill you up. So deeee-licious. The LA Dosa Truck has interesting East-meets-West variations. Check out the menu here.

We have a dosa cart in New York too. We call him The Dosa Man. He serves his classic South Indian 100% vegetarian dosas in Washington Square Park in the Village. He is a very nice man.

Happy street food eating everyone! And happy Friday.

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the city loves you

Check out this really cool fashion blog we found on Twitter. In Spanish! The City Loves You is based in Mexico. Actually, TCLY it is a whole media empire with multiple blogs specializing in urban culture (including skating and street art), international fashion trends, music, and film. Yes, we love all those topics.

TCLY Es un medio electrònico interactivo enfocado en la cultura urbana y todo lo que atravez de esta se permea dìa con dìa por medio de diferentes disciplinas y tendencias relacionadas con la moda, el diseño, el skateboard, el graffiti, la musica y el cine .

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love drips

When you come across a name like "Love Drips" on Twitter, you just have to click. Right? So it turns out that Love Drips dot com is based in Rome, and compiles drippy graffiti tags from around the globe. Literally, the paint drips. And who doesn't love to look at graffiti in other countries? Surprisingly similar to Brooklyn's. Go figure.

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sneak peeks at our fall 2009 ad campaign

Yes, you know Dollhouse loves you, dear blog readers. And we want you to have a bit of an edge over the others. That is why we show you things ahead of everyone else.* However, we do love our brand new Facebook Fans too.

We would probably suggest becoming a Dollhouse Fan on Facebook and reading the blog. Just to have your Dolhouse sneak peeks and behind-the-scenes bases covered. Right? Yes, we give good advice too.

*Like our new Fall 2009 ad campaign. Shot on location in Upstate New York. A three hour drive. Yes, there are a lot of cool old cars involved. But that is not all. Stay tuned for more sneak peeks. Right here. And on Facebook. With teasers and links on Twitter.

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dollhouse is on facebook!

Yes it's true.
Dollhouse is now on Facebook!
Tell your friends.

Keep in touch with us! We want to see all your happy faces! Comment on our latest designs. Watch a video. See our new ad campaign. Stay current with up-to-the-moment shopping information. Like blow-out sales! And hot new design debuts! We have a shiny new Facebook Fan Page! Come on. Show us some love. xoxo, Dollhouse

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paint. it. noir.

Totally intense fashion blog. Check it out.

Can you believe these giant chewing gum sculptures really exist? Apparently they do! By artist, Simone Decker, and are located all over Frankfurt. My advice? Don't run in the streets. Look before your turn a corner. Carry peanut butter with you, or ice, just in case you have to seriously de-gum yourself.

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it's high time for the high waist

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[Click the image to enlarge]

Love the high waist look but not sure how to pull it off? Here's some advice:

  1. Tuck in your shirt to emphasize the high waistline
  2. Choose a pair of high heels for the most flattering effect
  3. Finish the look with a double-breasted jacket

Check it out, Dollhouse has high waist jeans that will flatter your shape. Newly reduced prices that are nice for your wallet too.

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coolhaus melts our hearts

We have been loving the vibe at Coolhaus lately. We religiously follow their Twitter feed, even though we're in NYC and they're in LA. The concept behind their ice cream sandwiches and their food truck is genius. Ice cream sandwiches based on architecture! Retro California-style 50s architecture that is. The best!

It seems that the actual sandwich includes a sloping roof -- made from a hand-cut cookie. Mmmm hand-cut cookie. But I wonder if it includes a chimney? They could make it out of a marshmallow...

If I were in LA right now, I would totally sample the "Mintimalism" (chocolate cookie, mint chip ice cream). However, title-wise, my favorite is the "Mies Vanilla Rohe" because who doesn't love Mies van der Rohe, master of Modern architecture?

Or I could just say, "Dollhouse loves Coolhaus." Direct and to the point.

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new arrival: dollhouse ninja skinnies

We know you love black skinnies. Because they keep selling out on So we thought you'd like to try these on for size. For the weekend. Our Black Ninja Skinnies are perfect for your shape.

Happy Weekend from Dollhouse!

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free in nyc

Stop right there. Check out all the free things to do in NYC. Look at all the cool stuff we've been missing! Free food. Free concerts. Free movies. Free exercise. And that's just the half of it. Click here to view all the fun you can have for no out-of-pocket on Time Out New York dot com.

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dollhouse on

Dollhouse on!! Click the image to enlarge.

Dollhouse is running above the masthead on today and next week too. Check us out! Or just click here to shop. We've got lots of new fun designs, as well as lots of great sale items. Tell your friends!

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it's sew right!

Don't you love it when you click through to someone's Twitter page and they have such a great background image that it just makes your day, and you think, "Why didn't I think of that? It's so beautiful," but you didn't, so you are just happy that you saw it.

Well, this is one of them for me. A great Twitter background image, that is. And a great Twitter name. Caught my attention. ItsSewWrong. No, it's sew right.

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attn lucky readers: please turn to page 56

Check your August issue of Lucky!
Hayden Panettiere on the cover.

Dollhouse Jeans are featured at bottom left
in this editorial spread about brights!
"Vibrant 80s hues and patterns mimic the style of
indie star Katie White of the Ting Tings."

Check it out! Our Fruit Punch Colored Skinnies are featured in Lucky (August 2009). Please turn to page 56 and check out what Lucky market editor, Noria Morales wants right now. As she puts it, our "iconic stovepipe jeans done up in a wild highlighter lime." Thanks Noria!

Shop this "iconic" style here
. Currently in stock and on sale too! Dollhouse is like so Katie White. Totally.

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post grad

Rory from Gilmore Girls is in a new movie this summer! August 21 to be exact. It's called Post Grad and it looks good. We heart Rory, um excuse me, Alexis.

Check out Alexis' Facebook Fan Page.

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paris hilton on twitpic

I was curious to know who else posts about Paris Hilton on TwitPic. Here's what I found. Our images are the two at bottom right.

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the veronicas

Again, click for full screen mode. Way better.

Here's a cool video blog from The Veronicas, also on Check it out. Thanks to Rachel Lock on Twitter for finding this.

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haute & bothered, episode 1

Click for full screen mode. Way more dramatic.

Hey, posted their fashion design series, Haute & Bothered, on YouTube too. So it's shareable. That's nice of them. Watch Episode 1 here.

Get hooked. Then get all caught up. Because Episode 11 airs this Monday!! Can't wait. Watch a few episodes. You'll see.

Update, 7.13.2009

The Cast of Haute & Bothered. Look them up on IMDB. Pretty neat.

I just found some cool behind the scenes interviews with the cast of Haute & Bothered on Check out the interviews here. 15 in all so far.

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haute & bothered on

Have you heard of this fashion designer reality series, Haute & Bothered, on I think I could get hooked. Caution: there may be some over-the-top fashion personalities.

I'm off to watch Episode 1. Sew it up sew it up. My dressform. Is better than yours.

OMG! Episode 5 is in my neighborhood!

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totally sold out

As Seen in LUCKY
Dollhouse Tiered Ruffle Dress in light wash denim.
So cute. So summery. So totally sold out!

I know we Twittered the other day that this style was on reorder, but it is totally and utterly sold out. Wow, you really really loved the Tiered Ruffle Dress! Thanks for all your support.


Please take a look at our remaining Denim Dress styles on We think you'll like those too. Prices are totally affordable at $34 and $38. Happy shopping!

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dollhouse on celebrity catwalk tv!

Celebrity Stylist, Indashio, selects a lace-up bustier from Dollhouse's racks
and touts it as a must-have for Fall
[video still from Celebrity Catwalk TV]

Remember Indashio? If you saw this post back in April, you remember Indashio. How could you forget him? We can't. Fashion designer and celebrity stylist Indashio joined the cast and crew of Celebrity Catwalk TV at our NYC Showroom to shoot what's hot and cool at Dollhouse.

And now, the video is live! Check it out on Celebrity Catwalk dot com! Click on "Catwalk TV" at lower left.

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the high line is open!

The High Line entrance and cool logo, designed by Pentagram.
[all images in this post by Matthew McDermott]

The end of the line. Gansevoort Street.
The Standard Hotel in the background.

The cement walkway imitates the old railroad tracks.

Yup. Places to lounge too.

Perhaps you have been hearing for years about a mysterious park on a deserted elevated railway on the West Side of New York called the High Line? Well it's open now, and totally worth a visit! It's free. It's open 7 days, from 7am to 10pm. If you like gazing at New York's beautiful skyline and Hudson River from new angles, you'll like this new parkway.

Bring someone you like. Bring some lunch. Or buy a cookie and iced coffee from one of two small concession stands from Birdbath* along the multi-block route. There are lots of pretty flowers and young plants. And interesting architectural details that imitate the old railroad tracks. And plenty of benches to stop, sit and contemplate what used to be transported along the High Line.

Here are a few points of history for you. The High Line was built in the 1930s to remove dangerous freight traffic from the streets, elevating the trains 30 feet in the air above Manhattan's largest industrial district at the time. Trains stopped running on the High Line in 1980. A neighborhood advocacy group called Friends of the High Line was established in 1999 to save the High Line from demolition. The project gained support from the City in 2002. Landscape architects James Corner Field Operations and architects Diller Scofidio + Renfro were selected to design the new repurposed public space. The first portion of the High Line opened in June of 2009, running from Gansevoort to 20th Street.

*Birdbath is a division of City Bakery--they have excellent chocolate chip cookies!

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setting the standard

Can you believe the rooms in this hotel? Incredible. Too fashionable to believe, right? The Standard, one of the hottest hotels in LA, recently opened in NYC in -- where else? The Uber-fashionable Meatpacking District. Of course. If you find yourself on the West Side anytime soon, check out this hotel and its outdoor cafes and restaurants. And while you're at it, take a walk along the new High Line. It's attached to The Standard. Talk about a great location. If you want a tony spot to people-watch, try the very newly-opened Standard Grill which has ample outdoor patio space, serves a bistro-like American menu, and is located under the High Line.

Hey, I found some cool new tunes that are a perfect soundtrack for Blogging/Twittering/shopping online. Check out The Standard's soundtrack. It's free. And definitely decent.

Steps lead from The Standard right up to the new High Line at Gansevoort Street.
Check out the map of the High Line here.
[image from Erynn]

Here's what you'll see of The Standard after you climb the stairs.
y un-New York, right? The building is very LA or Miami in the 60s.
[image from Athelete Director Dave]

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4th of July on the Hudson from AJ Chavar on Vimeo.

The way I see it, there are two sides to this story. The Brooklyn side. And the New Jersey side. The shores of the East River were awfully quiet this year. No Macy's barges. No crowds gathered in North Brooklyn to see the spectacle on the East River. This year, it was all about the Hudson.

To commemorate the Hudson River's 400th anniversary and America's 233rd birthday, Macy's moved the fireworks back to the New Jersey side this year. I was on the PATH train at around 9pm to view the crowds rushing to Exchange Place in Jersey City. If you missed it, please enjoy this amusing sped-up video I found on Vimeo. Shot from Weehawken, NJ.

Hope you all had a great 4th of July! Another great spot to view the spectacle would have been from the new High Line which overlooks the majestic Hudson. Good thing we didn't go there. They closed the High Line at 3pm that day. But we did check it out the next day. Pretty great! Post to come.

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it's almost snack-time!

It is 1:01 as I write this, and I am still eating my lunch (downstairs salad bar today--I was in the mood for a strange combination of foods*), so I really shouldn't be thinking ahead to snack-time already. But I am. It's almost 4th of July weekend, which is shaping up to be pretty festive already. Holiday = snacks? Well, yes. Why not celebrate early with some tasty treats? That's my philosophy anyway.

So what are the options? It is Midtown. Which means, pickins are slimmer. Well there's a giant chocolate chip cookie at Pain Quotidien. Very crispy and delicious. $3.50. Yes, pricey, but enough to feed 4. Then there's Macaron. $1.95 for a very French macaron. Ooh la la. But you have to get the iced tea to go with it. So that runs close to $5. There's always a Starbucks Frappuccino Light. A high price for low-cal at nearly $5 for a medium, but what can you do. Sometimes you have to pay more to save on calories. There's always the Treats Truck. Where are they today? Or the newest truck, Street Sweets (see above). Kee's Chocolates. Do they still have a shop inside the HSBC Bank on 5th and 40th? And then there's good old Mister Softee. 3 bucks. Tasti D-lite? $3.50. Crumbs cupcake? $2.95 for a smaller one. What to choose? Please help!

*Well if you must know, roasted asparagus, brussel sprouts, carrots, zucchini, cauliflower, a bit of spinach, some pasta, some rice noodles with veggies, 3 mini mozzarella balls. That's about it.

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