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happy memorial day weekend!

We hope you have a sunny happy stylish Memorial Day weekend! We hope all your backyard barbeque and beach dreams come true! And we hope you celebrate in Dollhouse style! In our dresses and tops and jeans and shoes and intimates and outerwear! YAY! See you next week!!!


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123 shop: business casual

This menswear-inspired oxford denim dress is all business (wink wink). And so are the accessories. Our new 5 1/2"(!) platform wedges totally mean business. As does our crinkle faux leather studded Moto Jacket. Super-hot all together, especially with a super-long multi-strand gold chain.

Shop all three Dollhouse pieces here:

  1. Dollhouse Belted Denim Shirtdress
  2. Dollhouse Distressed Faux Leather Bomber
  3. Dollhouse Tunally Wedge Sandals

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time to shop the trends: cropped

It's getting warmer.
Think cropped.

On-trend from Dollhouse.
Cropped skinnies.
Definitely denim.

Excellent pocket detail.
We know you want this look.

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ping pong trophy anyone?

Ping Pong at Bryant Park. Sure it looks peaceful now, but you should see
how these people serve! The spins! I mean, I am out of my league.

I realize there may not be anyone out there (besides me) who would be interested in this little newsy tid-bit. But you never know. So I'm posting it. There's going to be a Ping Pong Tournament in Bryant Park (right near our Dollhouse HQ, as it so happens) on Wednesday, June 2. Starts at 6. It's free to enter, but only 32 spots are open. So decide soonish, and call to register: 212.768.4242. I am still deciding. Do I really want to play against a bunch of super super good men? Why don't any girls ever enter these things? I mean, I don't know. I'm still deciding.

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you need a little marlene in your life

Dollhouse Marlene Polkadot Romper, just $14.50

The Dollhouse
Marlene Polkadot Romper is so sexy from the back. We just had to take a moment and show you. Check it out from the front too! Click here to shop.

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beauty tips! corset-laced nails

Just in case you love this style (corset-laced nails), here's a vid. Kind of interesting, right?

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dollhouse assignment: get studddying

Homework for you! You will need one page in your notebook, a pen, and access to Or you can always use your Wishlists, if you don't want to be old-fashioned. SO, what are you going to wear for Memorial Day? Don't just stop there. There's also outfits you need to plan for Friday night, Saturday and Sunday too. So Get Studddying! And let us know what you come up with!

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40th and 6th just isn't the same without you

Dear Miss Softee:

Rumor has it that you will be back serving up your special brand of Mister Softee come June 1. We really really miss your concoctions, especially the salty-sweet combos that include crushed pretzels and caramel or crushed potato chips and choco-dip. Mmmmm. Plus 40th and 6th just isn't the same without you. It is a cold and lonely corner without your Mister Miss Softee truck parked there. We miss you! We hope you come back!

Girl Power!

love 'n stuff,

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no backsies. (ooh cheeky!)

Here's some denim-on-denim for you. Just in time for Memorial Day. And last day of school. However you want to debut this outfit.


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dollhouse customer favorites

We saw a similar idea on Twitter today. Here's our version.

Give us 3 reasons why you love wearing jeans!

Please comment here or on our Facebook page!

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that will be fifty five cents please

I read this on the UO blog yesterday and had to share, "A new blog with funny reviews of vending machine fare. It's lip-snackin' good! (via BoingBoing)"

The blog is called Vending Spree. I don't know about you, but it's a daily must-read for me. If you were looking for a hard-hitting news blog, go elsewhere.

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his name is greyson chance and he is in the sixth grade

Let it not be said that Dollhouse does not jump on the viral bandwagon. Especially if it has to do with Lady Gaga!

Check out this kid's voice! Quite amazingly Lady Gaga-esque. I think the blonde girl in the back row with the black tank top now wants to date Greyson. For sure.

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1000 tweets! and counting!

Just seconds ago, we Tweeted our 1000th TWEET! Check it out here!

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123 shop: snake!

We haven't done a 123 Shop in a long time, so here goes. Don't you love this color combo? The jacket is brand new! The shoes are brand new! The colored skinnies are totally on sale! What could be better?

  1. Dollhouse Distressed Faux Leather Bomber
  2. Dollhouse Kali Snake Heels
  3. Dollhouse Fruit Punch Colored Skinny

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floral dazzle! new footwear for you

Continuing double-blast week straight on through Memorial Day, here was yesterday's. And aren't these new shoe designs fabulous??? Check 'em all out here.

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how cool is this?

click image for a closer look
[images via]

I just found this on someone's Xanga profile and had to share!! How cool is this?

I did a little digging and found the same post on Boing Boing. The artist's name is Peter Root, and the cityscape is composed of stacks of staples of varying heights. It was pleasing to learn that the artist has made some other mixed-media cityscapes, like Honey and Almond (2009) and Wasteland (2009). That's a lot of potatoes.

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denim deals under $25? yes!

We're continuing double-blast week straight on through Memorial Day, so expect cute, dazzling and different emails each Tuesday and Thursday in May (Yay). There will be deals. There will be trend reports. There will be outfit ideas!

This one is all about the denim deals. We know you don't want to miss these!!!! Pretty great prices right? Click here to shop.

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miley cyrus' new vid!

Is it me, or is Miley trying a Lady Gaga-esque image on for size in her new video? I mean, the bird cage, the captivity, the "don't try to contain me or define me" thing. Well. It seems a bit more bubblegum (Britney) than LG. It's all very confusing. What do you guys think?

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get ready for memorial day dressing!

It's never too soon to plan your party outfits. I say outfit(s) because a girl needs options. Easy options. I know we all are guilty of panic-dressing for parties, where we try on ten outfits or more. And leave a giant reject pile of clothes behind. You know you've done it. I've done it.

So this time, plan ahead. Here are four easy pieces to enhance your Memorial Day fun and get you to the beach/barbeque/rooftop restaurant on time!

4 Easy Pieces
SHOPPING LINKS [clockwise from upper L]:

  1. Dollhouse Denim Babydoll Strappy Top
  2. Lace-Up Peasant Top
  3. Denim Suspender Short-Shorts
  4. White Denim Jacket

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eats and treats

[image via The Food Network]

I have to agree with Daily Candy today on the fish taco recipe they published. And now I have to spread the love to you. Any fun plans for Cinco de Mayo tonight? If not, you could always celebrate *Seis de Mayo* (that's tomorrow...) Er, um.

Grilled Fish Tacos
Serves four

1-1½ lbs. mahi mahi
A few limes
1 medium head red cabbage (or experiment with a pickled version)
1 bunch cilantro
1 red onion
8 fresh, quality tortillas (from a tortilleria)
Crema Mexicana (equal parts plain yogurt and mayo)
Salt and pepper

1. Marinate mahi mahi in fresh lime juice for an hour.

2. Break out your knife. Finely slice red cabbage, chop cilantro, and dice onion. Cut lime into wedges.

3. Place fish on griddle. Add salt and pepper. Cook for about 3 minutes on each side.

4. Divide cooked fish among the tortillas.

5. Top with cabbage, cilantro, onion, and crema.

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it's cinco de mayo!

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it's almost the weekend!

Thanks for loving our new Online Lookbook everyone! We've been getting a lot of nice feedback (in terms of your enthusiastic purchasing!!!), so we'll keep up this feature! Thanks for shopping :-) Check out all 5 days for outfit suggestions. And today happens to be Wednesday. Time to get happy about the weekend! Look your best and shop the Dollhouse Tie-Dye Bleach-Out Ruffle Denim Dress here!

AND, we've added a new e-blast feature. Jean of the Week. Lovin' up the details. Shop this week's featured jean right here, while your size is still in stock! As you know, we blow out fast.

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the dress you love

Remember this hot little number from last year which was featured in Seventeen & Lucky (and which blew out in 3 days)?? Well it's back! With cute little straps. You can shop this style right on! The Dollhouse Tiered Ruffle Dress is a hot seller, so get yours now! This year, it's featured in Nylon!!! How cool is that?

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the met costume gala

Lady Gaga performs! [image via UK Daily Mail]

Scene-stealer, Katy Perry [image via UK Daily Mail]

The annual Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute Gala Benefit took place last night, and I'll bet you, dear readers, were the first to check out the all the awesome clothes! I personally was most interested in Lady Gaga's ensemble. As you know, I have a strange fascination with Lady Gaga. I'm not saying I like her, but I do admire her abilities to write songs that won't EVER leave my brain. Like Telephone. Make it stop!!!! So what did she wear? Next to nothing, as usual, but it sparkled! Who designed it??

The Met Costume Gala was co-chaired by Oprah and Anna Wintour. Powerful women abounded. Fitting hosts for the theme: a tribute to American Women. (Although Anna is British... Well whatever. Details details.)

Check out some of the awesomeness here [CBSNews images].

Everyone loves Kristen Stewart, but Katy Perry turned out to be the breakout belle-of-the-ball, wearing a LED light-up gown by London-based CuteCircuit, here [UK Daily Mail images].

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facebook fan feature!

We were clicking along to find out a little bit more about our latest Facebook Fans (or "people who like Dollhouse," as Facebook now likes to say. What_ever) and we found this cool artist! We shall call her by her Etsy profile name, bu8bles. She is from Houston, TX and makes Op Art. Totally rad. Check out her Etsy site here. She will customize some art for you. Contact her! Yay creativity!

If we can get an interview with the artist, we'll publish it in this post!

I am so excited that I got to interview Stacia, aka bu8bles, via email yesterday. Check it out below! Very very cool Thanks so much Stacia!! I added some links to the artists you mentioned, so everyone can check out your influences.

Six Questions for Our Facebook Fan, Stacia

dollhouse: First of all, talk about your materials. Freezer paper sounds very interesting! And what is the pigment you use?

Stacia: I started using freezer paper since it's cheap and fast and I can make it just about any size. I use acrylic paint for the most part, but for drawings I use my trusty black Uniball pen or a Sharpie. It doesn't bleed through! I have lots of different designs and I'm working on getting a sample of each up on etsy. I have a couple of paintings that I did on canvas that I'll be listing later. They're about 30"x40".

dollhouse: Who is your favorite Op Artist? I am seeing a lot of Jasper Johns influences. Very cool.

Stacia: I first started these kinds of swirly drawings when I was about 11 (22 years ago!), but I didn't know it had an actual name until I took Art History in college (which I ended up minoring in). I would say after discovering *that* I was inspired mostly by Victor Vasarely, but also Bridget Riley. I love doing stuff in black and white, but also with colors that don't necessarily go together. It ends up looking pretty cool. They're just so hard to describe. You'd really have to see it. I describe it as mod abstract op art.

dollhouse: Did you study art, or are you self-taught?

Stacia: I took the required art class in high school, but I can't recall learning anything about what I do. Like I said, I didn't know there was other stuff out there like mine til college. When I was little, there used to be a show on called The Secret City on PBS. I had the giant workbook and learned about shading and contour. I thought about majoring in art later, but really I knew how to do everything I wanted already so I didn't see the point. So essentially I'm self-taught.

dollhouse: What do you do when you’re not making art?

Stacia: I've recently got into researching my genealogy. That takes up a lot of my free time, but it's fun. I haven't discovered any relation to any artists yet...

dollhouse: What made you become a Fan of Dollhouse? (Thank you, by the way:-))

Stacia: Actually when I first joined Facebook, I started looking for things to be a fan of and the show Dollhouse was on. I did a search and noticed you guys and "fanned" you, too! I have the jeans and shoes so I just had to. Since I work as a fashion consultant it just made sense!

dollhouse: What is your favorite Dollhouse design/item/silhouette?

My favorite jeans are Style #EL-2192W RN#53728. I only know that since I had to find more on eBay since I couldn't find them anymore anywhere else. =P I really love jeans that fit well in the butt and thigh with a bootcut or a flare.

Super cool. I wish it was a real phone interview. Then I could ask you follow-up questions. Like what you do as a fashion consultant. Sounds like you have a good enriching life. Keep up your art! Check out Stacia's latest pieces on her Etsy site!

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