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lady gaga

Thanks TV for letting us share this video!

Are you gaga for Lady Gaga? Cast your vote here.

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dollhouse has outfits under 40 bucks!

This week's eblast from
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Dollhouse has deals and steals to help you create a fab and trendy wardrobe. Get a few key pieces, and build great head-turning outfits! Keep checking back for new arrivals and Fall deals on And don't forget to check our Twitter page for special shopping codes every once in a while! Every little bit of savings helps, right?

CLICK HERE to investigate our featured picks in-depth!

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celebrate national ice cream day!

You have a great excuse. It's National Ice Cream Day today! Now go eat up!!! For all you New Yorkers in the crowd, pay a visit to Miss Softee today on 40th and 5th Avenue. She's got pretty special Specials! Double-up your Special for just $5. Yum. Tell her Dollhouse sent you!

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totally good idea

Dollhouse hearts Check out this great idea for a DIY studded bracelet. Totally affordable. Totally cute.

Alternate idea: go to 6th Avenue in the 30s and get some colorful plain plastic bangles for 6 bucks a pop. Decorate with rhinestones or pyramid studs. All you need is some Crazy Glue. And the studs. And the rhinestones. Well, you get the idea.

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mind your manners kanye!

If Kanye will kindly move out of the way, you can continue shopping.
Let's ask his handlers. Or his press people. Um, can you get Kanye under control?

Oh Kanye. When will you stop interrupting? HAHA.


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our dollhouse notebook is famous!

How cute! Our "You Are Beautiful" Notebook in black and red perfectly complements the outfit Chi Chi picked out here. Thanks so much! We love it.

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dollhouse hearts polyvore

Thanks so much for including our Fruit Punch Colored Skinnies in your collage!! Totally cool.

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dollhouse in the dollhouse

Now this is a clever Polyvore collage. Look closely. Our Darlene Ruffle Wrap Denim Dress is featured in the living room on the first floor. Thanks Lexaleopard for featuring us!!

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fall style steals

This week's eblast from
[click image to enlarge]

Announcing new reductions on! New reductions on vests, denim jackets, cords, plaid shirt, and lots and lots of jeans -- skinny and all. Get 'em while they're hot (and still in stock)!

Plus, our new Dollhouse Footwear Collection is live. Check it our here.

Not on the official Dollhouse mailing list yet? It's simple to sign up. Just go to our site, bottom of the page, and fill in your email address. Yup, that's all we need.

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dollhouse boots featured on demi couture!

Dollhouse Boots featured on Demi Couture
[click image to enlarge]

Dollhouse Kennedy Ankle Boots are a hit -- both price-wise and style-wise -- with fashion blogger, Victoria Potter of Demi Couture. She writes on September 14:

Norwegian newcomer Phi has some amazing pieces, but you’ll have to be prepared to pay for them. Dollhouse seems to have created a hybrid boot between these Burberry Prorsums ($985) and these Phi boots ($995).

Instead of going the route of bankruptcy, check out the Robson Street Winners (or whichever one is near to you, stock may vary though) and give these Dollhouse babies a whirl. They’re incredibly affordable ($40 at Winners, $60 on the Dollhouse site).

They’re incredibly comfortable due to the bit of platform and the tire tread grip sole. They aren’t made of leather, but for this price, who cares?! For a piece that’s very on the moment trendy, you can’t go wrong with these boots.

I’m quite happy with my pair.

Thanks so much Victoria!! And we totally ship to Canada.

Demi Couture is a visually pleasing, very well-written blog with good insights. We think you'll love it.

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back in stock!!

Shop to your heart's content, because the boot you have all been waiting for, asking for, hoping for, is BACK IN STOCK. Yes, you guessed it. The Dollhouse Zest Work Boot, made very famous by Teen Vogue! Available right now on, both in the featured color -- tan with green laces -- and in black with blue laces. Both pretty great.

Don't just stand here reading this. Get shopping, before someone else buys your size!

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fashion blueprint: outfits for the week!

Follow our "Fashion Blueprint" to create outfits for the week. With a few key Dollhouse pieces, you can mix and match to make endless combinations. (That's where your creativity comes in.) Plus, it's much more economical, yes?

Start with your Core Outfit:
A top and skinny jeans (what else?)
Day 2
Go dressy!
Day 3
Add some color! Bright color is very IN for Fall.
You get the idea. Don't forget to add some inner layers (half off intimates until 9/14), some Dollhouse fab shoes,* and a cute cropped Bomber when the weather gets a bit chillier. We love the Dollhouse Cropped Bomber.

*Can we just tell you? The Gladiator style shoe/sandal/boot (you name it) is so IN! We just walked by the Tents at Bryant Park (NYC Fashion Week) this morning, and saw wall-to-wall gladiators. Everyone attending the Shows was wearing glads. You'll be glad to wear glads too.

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cupcakes, revisited

Yes, you can believe your eyes.
Cupcakes reach new heights. And lengths.
[image from Cupcakes Take the Cake]

Okay okay, so yes we are obsessed with cupcakes. But so are you. Just admit it. You have a problem and so do we. First the frosting shots. And now this. Cupcake kebabs!

Q: Do you eat the kebabs as if you are a sword swallower, or do you just shave slivers off, like shawarma and enjoy all the flavors as a mélange? Hmm. We'll get back to you on the proper etiquette for cupcake kebabery.

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shopping report: hot sellers on

Check out the latest hot sellers on
Our Top-Selling "Jeans" style from Dollhouse this week!
Shop it here!

Our Top-Selling "Tops" style from Dollhouse this week!
Shop it here!

Our Top-Selling style from Dollhouse Intimates this week!
Shop it here!

Our Top-Selling style from Dollhouse Shoes this week!
Shop it here!

Our Top-Selling style from Dollhouse Outerwear this week!
Shop it here!

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fashion's night out hits the streets

She's got the look. Now imagine 100 of this girl.
[image from Fashion's Night Out official Website]

Picture this. 9:30 am. Wednesday, September 9. A beautiful, strange and wonderful army of fashion models, uniform height, each wearing Fashion's Night Out t-shirts and 4" heels. A sea of natural young fresh faces, slightly wavy long hair parted in the middle, most of them blonde. Why weren't there more brunettes, I wonder...

"The look" is quite similar to the girl pictured above. About 100 girls, in fact, (were there 200?) arranged in fairly orderly rows, poised to run across Sixth Avenue toward the Tents at Bryant Park. A woman in charge wearing a printed satin blouse stands opposite her beautiful army on a raised hydraulic platform with a megaphone giving the command. A man dressed somewhat like a FedEx delivery guy, but not exactly, single-handedly stops traffic at 41st Street and Sixth Avenue. He's got guts. Taxis and buses start honking like crazy. On cue, models break into giant smiles and lighthearted screams and charge across the street.

Take 1. Cut.

They do this six more times. I cannot believe my eyes. Only in New York. I am so happy I got to see this, even though I didn't have my camera on me. Why oh why did I leave my camera at home?

I walk another block towards the Dollhouse Showroom, and no one has any idea what is going on just a block away. No one has any idea there is an army of beautiful girls charging towards the Tents at Bryant Park. Ah fashion. Ah New York. How I love you both.

The story doesn't end here. Check out more discoveries about this mysterious event on our Twitter page.

UPDATE: September 10, 2009
Yes, this is what I saw! Photo by Patrick Demarchelier! Yes, I said Patrick Demarchelier!!!
via the Fashion's Night Out Facebook fan page.

Our post is featured on Denim Debutante for September 9, 2009

Our Tweet is featured on Ask Barbizon's Twitter page for September 9, 2009

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just take a little off the top, thanks

A cupcake frosting shot? Just the frosting? Not even a little sliver of cake on the bottom? You're kidding right?

You probably already know about this crazy cupcake trend; but I just learned about it two seconds ago, and feel compelled to talk about it for a moment. Yes, the cupcake craze continues to flourish in NYC and all around the country. Who would have thought it would last for this many years? New Yorkers are usually more fickle -- except, apparently, when it comes to all things cupcake.

Cute little cupcake boutiques, like Babycakes on the Lower East Side (Broome btwn Orchard & Ludlow), sell the essence of the cupcake in addition to their regular menu. Yes, 75 cents will buy you enough frosting to make you diabetic. I am not kidding. And on the West Coast, Sprinkles has you covered too. They even decorate their frosting shots with toppings.

My advice? Have a protein shot with your frosting shot for a slower burn. ;-)

At Sprinkles in LA, you can have your frosting shot and toppings too!!
image from Fast Food Maven
via Cupcakes Take the Cake

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take a page from our book...

When is your first day back to school? More importantly, what are you going to wear? Tell us! We want to hear your ideas. Here are some of ours. Dollhouse has got you covered inside and out, head to toe. Well, maybe not head. But shoulder to toe!


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fashion's night out

MAGIC's over. Now it's time to focus on Market Week next week, and of course New York Fashion Week and Fashion's Night Out. The Tents are being built in Bryant Park as we speak. Fall is always exciting in NYC, isn't it?

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dollhouse intimates #1 seller

Get this Argyle Plaid Bra & Thong Set by Dollhouse while supplies last. Currently half-off at $5.38, includes both pieces. It is such a great deal, and look how cute it is! You know you want it. It's everyone's favorite.

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leaving las vegas

The MAGIC show closes tonight at 6pm. What are your plans for after the show, before your Red-Eye? Here's are some thoughts for last-minute fun (the relaxing kind, because you need it). Good show guys!

Mandara Spa at Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas
Mandara Stone Therapy. Using heated Basalt stones, your mandara therapist will soothe and smooth away stress and tension in the body using Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage strokes and Chakra balancing stone placement. Simply divine.

3667 Las Vegas Blvd South
Las Vegas, NV 89109
Toll free: 866.935.3647

Ah, the Peppermill. Such a great place.

Pictures don't do the Fireside Lounge justice. You have to see it in person.
The lighting is icy blue and fiery red. And the patented firepit is pretty cool.
Yes, it's patented technology.

The Fireside Lounge at the Peppermill

This is such a great spot to sip something tasty and take in your last moments in Las Vegas. It's the 60s-style Las Vegas of the movies. Yes it's that good. The lighting is incredible, and the fire pit is mesmerizing. Definitely stop by before your Red Eye. On the way out, have some eggs, bacon and hash browns in the restaurant. You're not going to get fed on the plane.

2985 Las Vegas Blvd South
Las Vegas, NV 89109

The Water Show at the Bellagio

Can you really ever get enough of this water show? Well I can't. Even in the 106 degree heat. Wait til dark, it will cool down. Then stroll over to The Peppermill. Have a good flight everyone!

3600 Las Vegas Blvd South
Las Vegas, NV 89109

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food truck tracker!

Feeling snacky? Want to try something new? Check out NYC's growing fleet of specialty food trucks. And the best way to stay up-to-the-moment is by clicking on the Midtown Lunch Twitter Tracker. Aren't you glad we told you?

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and now, a sweet treat for the new yorkers who didn't go to magic

Equal opportunity snacking is what we stand for here at Dollhouse. Earlier we posted for our Dollhouse sales team currently at MAGIC about a great cupcake spot that delivers all over Las Vegas. Half our company is at MAGIC as we speak (booth #JR2600), showing all the great new styles from Dollhouse. The other half is here in NYC, thinking about snacking as 3pm approaches. Miss Softee to the rescue. Yes you read that right. Miss not Mister. If you love the sweet/salty combo, and who doesn't, Miss Softee is currently at 40th & 5th selling today's special: Potato Chip Choco Dip Cone. I know! Are our eyes deceiving us? We'll just have to walk over and sample for ourselves.

via Blondie and Brownie
image from Blondie and Brownie

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dollhouse intimates sale!!!

Uncover your perfect style! Enjoy HALF-OFF Dollhouse Intimates. This special shopping event lasts just 2 weeks! Prices from just $1.63. How can you beat that? Shoppy shoppy here: DOLLHOUSE INTIMATES SALE!!

Hurry, while quantities last!

Pictured above [clockwise from L]

And don't forget:
dollhouse tees just $4.99

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cupcake 411 in vegas

Cookies and Milk Cupcake!

Dear Dollhouse Sales Team,
I know you all might be needing one or two or three of these at some point during the MAGIC show. Cupcakes from Retro Bakery in Las Vegas. Good news, they deliver all over Las Vegas! 702.586.3740, FYI.

Have a great show! From all of us at the Dollhouse headquarters in NYC.

Brownie Sundae!

Mint Chocolate Chip!

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