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dollhouse debuts dresses on!

Over the weekend, launched a mini-collection of dresses, including the much sought-after Darlene Ruffle Wrap Denim Dress featured in our Spring 2009 ad campaign on the pages of Teen Vogue, Seventeen, Latina, OK! and Nylon, to name a few. This dress is just $34! Great price, great silhouette. The flirty ruffles will flatter your shape.

If you prefer a more sun-kissed look, we also offer this dress in white linen. What could be better for 4th of July! Add a red bracelet or red shoes. You can't go wrong with dark denim and white. Check out our selection of dresses here.

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i love you, beth cooper

Official I Love You, Beth Cooper trailer on YouTube

I might have issues with Hayden Panettiere's new movie. First of all, what's with the comma in the title, I Love You, Beth Cooper. But that's not the least of it. Her character seems a bit, um, well, MEAN. Seventeen magazine invited us to a special preview screening later this month, where Ms. Panettiere herself will make a guest appearance. Seems like a super-fun outing, getting to see ol' Hayden live in the flesh and all, but based on the trailer, I will not be rooting for Beth Cooper. I'll be rooting for the other guy. Whatever his name is. The awkward geeky one. Poor kid.

Do you think Hayden Panettiere's character is a bit toooo mean? Take our poll!

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new product alert: dollhouse tiered ruffle dress

As Seen in LUCKY
Dollhouse Tiered Ruffle Dress in light wash denim.
So cute. So summery. Faux suede belt included!

The Dollhouse Tiered Ruffle Dress, featured this month on the pages of Seventeen and Lucky, is about to debut on Yes, we know you've been waiting for this one. I think we are just minutes away! Keep checking back so you can be the first to shop this piece! While supplies last for this delivery!

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dollhouse & teen vogue design contest

Attention all budding jeanwear designers!!!

It's not too late to submit your design sketches for the Dollhouse Design Contest sponsored by Teen Vogue! How exciting. We are seeing some excellent submissions so far. The competition is, well, competitive! We are eager to see your ideas.

Enter to win the Dollhouse Denim Design Contest by uploading jean designs right on the Teen Vogue Website. Submit a flat, illustration, sketch, or line drawing. Please show pocket details and any other embellishments. In addition to winning a $1,000 scholarship, your jeans design may be produced by Dollhouse and named after you.

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twilight: are you obsessed?

The Twilight Saga: New Moon opens November 2009!!

We want to know. Are you obsessed with Twilight? Please take our poll.

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darlene ruffle wrap denim dress

Dresses coming to! The Darlene Ruffle Wrap Denim Dress, which is featured in our Spring 2009 ad campaign on the pages of Teen Vogue, Seventeen, Nylon, Latina, OK! and more, will be available for purchase on in just a few days! We can't wait! We'll be offering it in dark denim, as shown, and in white linen. Ooh, crisp and summery!

Stay tuned. We'll let you know via Twitter the moment it is live and shoppable! Follow Dollhouse on Twitter for all the latest shopping news, including new product debuts, special discount promo codes, sales and all that good stuff.

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new product alert: dark rinse skinnies

Coming in a few days to this hot new jeans style! We thought we'd give you a sneak peak straight from our photographer's email this morning. How do you like these? They are the "Dollhouse Dark Rinse Ankle Zipper Skinny," and they are just what you need in a curve-hugging go-to pair of jeans. We love the ankle zippers that zip up the back. So cute. We'll let you know when they're live on the site and shoppable.

**Follow us on Twitter** for all the latest product debuts, editorial features, shopping codes and sweet sales on

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dollhouse on polyvore: anya draped ankle boot

Dollhouse on Polyvore! We love to find our designs on your Polyvore collages. Thanks so much. Yes, the Anya Draped Ankle Boot is a big favorite of ours too.

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afternoon fashion treat

French macarons have nothing to do with coconut. Read on.

If you work in the Garment District in NYC, chances are you have heard about Macaron, and particularly about their lightly sweet and delicate macarons made with almond paste (not coconut) that crumble when you take a bite. Yum! Macaron is a very French little lunch place that opened last summer to rave reviews among those in-the-know. The place is tucked unassumingly into a narrow walk-in space on 36th Street between 7th Avenue and Broadway. If you have lunched in the Garment District with any frequency, you know that Macaron is quite unique. Homemade food. Not a chain or chain-let. Served by the owners themselves. And they smile at you! It's the little things that make life sweet. N'est pas?

Well anyway, we recommend treating yourself to a macaron or two. They have so many exotic flavors (like poppy, lavender, jasmine tea, white chocolate, praline...), many of which rotate daily, that you will continually be satisfied. And by all means, don't miss the iced tea. Two macarons and an iced tea will set you back about $7. But hey, it's worth it every once in a while.

The lunch crowd at Macaron. A line out the door as usual.

There's always a crowd.

These macarons can be yours for a mere $1.95 each.
Tempting. Very tempting.

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bryant park summer movies!

The movie screen is up at Bryant Park!

Bryant Park, June 2009. Yes a bit gloomy.

It's that time again! Although the weather is more Winter-like than Summer-like these days (what is up with June this year??), it's time for the Bryant Park Summer movies on the lawn! The screen is installed. All you need is a blanket, a picnic, and a good book to read until the movie starts. By the way, although they quote 5pm as the start time, that's just for blankets and picnicking. The movies start at dusk (8-9pm). And the place gets crowded, so arrive early to score a great seat.

How many movies have you seen on this list? I have seen 5/10.


Mon 15
The Sting
5:00pm | The Lawn

Mon 22
Breaking Away
5:00pm | The Lawn

Mon 29
Gold Diggers of 1933
5:00pm | The Lawn


Mon 6
Dog Day Afternoon
5:00pm | The Lawn

Mon 13
How Green Was My Valley
| The Lawn

Mon 20
Harold and Maude
5:00pm | The Lawn

Mon 27
The Defiant Ones
5:00pm | The Lawn


Mon 3
Kramer vs. Kramer
5:00pm | The Lawn

Mon 10
The Magnificent Seven
5:00pm | The Lawn

Mon 17
Close Encounters of the Third Kind
5:00pm | The Lawn

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bust magazine shopping code!

You didn't think we would get all exclusive and unfriendly, did you? Just in case you did not receive your BUST Newsletter yet with the special Dollhouse Shopping Surprise, please use this code, 17QGIA, from now until Tuesday, June 16, 2009 to take 15% off all your orders of $50 or more on

For those about to shop, we salute you. As a great songwriter once wrote. Or something like that. Anyway, Happy Shopping from Dollhouse! Don't forget to check out our new Intimates Collection. It is pretty sweet.

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123 shop!

Shop these rocker-look must-haves on!

Click to Shop:
Accessorize your Paris Hilton Punk Wash Pencil Skirt [L]

1. Paris Hilton Floating Faces Tee
2. Paris Hilton Cropped Motorcycle Jacket
3. Dollhouse Gage Gladiator Bootie

"Accessorizing" your new Paris Hilton Punk Wash Pencil Skirt is as easy as 123. To play up the Punk look, try this vegan-friendly cropped Motorcycle Jacket. It's totally stretch. Not leather. And then you have to add the Paris floating heads tee. The floating Paris heads totally look like punk rock skulls! Or is it just me? And for the finishing edgy touch. The shoes. Snake Print Gladiators from Dollhouse. Gladiators are the must-have shoe style of the season. Totally hot.

For the cost-conscious
savvy shopper in you:
Skirt $14.99
Tee $9.99
Jacket $29.99
Total $54.97

w/shoes $124.96

Pretty affordable for 4 pieces
including a jacket and shoes,
don't you think?

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punk wash!

Who doesn't love a Punk Rock look these days? And when you combine it with the must-have skirt silhouette of the season -- the pencil skirt -- your can't go wrong. Oh and by the way, this Punk Wash Pencil Skirt from Paris Hilton is only $14.99. Now that is a very nice price. Personally, I would buy some for all my friends too. When you need that perfect birthday gift, buy it in advance.

While they last! Because we won't restock this style. Happy Shopping from Dollhouse!

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mega sale on paris!

Check out our Paris Hilton Collection! Great prices, great pieces, great deals and steals. Hope you like them. Spread the word about the BIG SALE! Only on

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treats truck

Sweet Treat Alert! The Treats Truck is going to be at 45th and 6th Avenue mid-day today. These sandwich cookies look delicious! Remember, look for this silver truck:

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insider trading

Hmm, the online shopping fairy tells me: I think you should sign up for the Free Bust Newsetter today. I'm just saying...

Do you follow Dollhouse Tweets? If you did, you'd be shopping by now. Tweet Tweet.

You didn't here this from me.

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exciting sales on

We are having some exciting sales on right now, and we are pretty sure you won't want to miss out on these great deals. Now is the chance to fill in the gaps of your Spring-Summer-Fall wardrobe with fun prints, colorful basics and well-crafted eye-catching little numbers that will put you in the spotlight. Yes, we are talking about the Paris Hilton Collection, featured in its entirety, only on

Check out all the great deals on those hard-to-find Paris pieces with prices starting at just $9.99 for tees. Just $14.99 for skirts. Just $19.99 for jeans, shorts, tops and sweatshirts. Just $29.99 for dresses and jackets! Get these pieces while they're hot, b/c they won't be around for long! Tell all your friends!!!

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what do “recessionista” and Us Weekly have in common?

Here’s a phrase you have heard bandied about a lot recently -- in fashion circles and beyond: “Recessionista.” Defined by Wiktionary as a noun derived from a blend of “recession” and “fashionista” (plural recessionistas),
1. A person who is able to stick to a tight budget while still managing to dress stylishly.

As Kathryn Finney, author of How to Be a Budget Fashionista says, “Frugalness is the new black.”


But did you know that Us Weekly coined the term, “recessionista”? And furthermore, they beat many others to the punch by Trademarking it over a year ago. Those who are using “recessionista” for the title of their blog, in their advertising campaign, or anywhere in print may expect to receive a Cease and Desist letter. Simple as that. In fact, I had to submit a copy of this post to Us Weekly’s legal department for approval to publish this post. I explained that I did not want to use the term, but merely write about the etymology.

Incidentally, if you are thinking about using “chiconomics” for your own self-aggrandizement, think again. Chiconomics belongs to Us as well.

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paris hilton dresses!

This just in: all Paris Hilton Dresses are now $29.99. While they last!

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fancy a picnic?

If you fancy a fancy picnic, then these Victorian-style wood utensils are for you. The only question is, are they very eco-minded?

Spotted on Happy Mundane.

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sweeps week!

We will be selecting 17 Winners from our Dollhouse & Seventeen Sweepstakes (entries closed on June 1) . Many thanks to all who entered!!! We are so excited to see pictures of you in your new Dollhouse pieces. So..... Send us pics! We will devote a special post to each of you right here on our Dollhouse Blog! Please stay tuned for updates.

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dollhouse sweepstakes: last day to enter!

Today is the last day to enter to win a free Dollhouse Online Gift Certificate valued at $54.00. We will select Seventeen Winners! Why 17? Because we are co-hosting this Sweepstakes with Seventeen magazine!!

You too could be a winner. Enter right here on by midnight tonight. Please spread the word to all your friends!

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it's market week!

Market Week begins today! Dollhouse welcomes all our retail partners to our NYC Showroom.

For appointments, please call 212.719.9363 or email

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